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  1. spanky

  2. spanky

    10 grenade, no weapon option!
  3. spanky

    are you officially the oldest person in the world yet? happy bday bart!
  4. spanky

    happy birthday sparty!
  5. spanky

    Pete? i remember that guy!
  6. way to go joey! you're the only one that truly understands
  7. i still think we should have a 10nade/no weapon option!
  8. spanky

    105yrs! you don't look a day over 90! congrats!!!
  9. sorry i missed the "once in a lifetime" event
  10. spanky

    happy birthday viper... still stink!!!
  11. someone has to keep that guy in line!
  12. spanky

    it's about time! now take ur beatings!!!
  13. spanky

    i got you some cheese for your birthday wine! happy bday mac
  14. spanky

    happy bday joey! hope you and the family are doing great!!
  15. spanky

    thanks! GO DUCKS!!!