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  1. Unexist

    Very nice! ?
  2. Unexist

    For what its worth... ive sold my gaming PC back in 2015 and bought an MSI gaming laptop (GE72 2QC Apache). Im still playing on it now (mostly COD 2 / COD 4) and it is doing it perfectly!! since mine is 5 years old you will be just fine with todays model. good luck!
  3. Unexist

    Nou voorlopig is alle horeca e.d. nog dicht... ?
  4. Unexist

    Meet: Muts!
  5. Unexist

    haha i ment "my wife and i..." my english got a litle rusty during the year
  6. Unexist

    Thank you all! i am glad to be back! and im glad to see many familiair names. For those who dont know me... ill keep it short I was an member in the early >XI< years (2007?) dont know for sure. In 2015 my wife got pregnant so i had to sell my gaming stuff due to lack of space. Now that my daughter is going to school and we moved to a bigger house... im back! >:)
  7. Unexist

    Sounds good! Ill be there! Just give me a date ?
  8. Unexist

    RIP Johnny... he will be missed!
  9. Unexist

    Happy B-Day guys!
  10. Unexist

    No... Bavaria would also be a reason to leave
  11. Unexist

    Thanks everyone! Ill be back some day...
  12. Unexist

  13. Unexist

    For the few who still know me Every month i receive an e-mail reminding me that i am part of the best clan in the world. It also reminds me that i have been inactive for a month... again! Ever since my gaming buddy T-Ball passed away i havent been playing much games. Last December my beautiful daughter Zoë has born. She became my number one priority ever since. Last February i sold my gaming PC due to lake of space. So... it is time for me to leave Take care everyone! Kind Regards, Unexist



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