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  1. Unexist

    haha i ment "my wife and i..." my english got a litle rusty during the year
  2. Unexist

    Thank you all! i am glad to be back! and im glad to see many familiair names. For those who dont know me... ill keep it short I was an member in the early >XI< years (2007?) dont know for sure. In 2015 my wife got pregnant so i had to sell my gaming stuff due to lack of space. Now that my daughter is going to school and we moved to a bigger house... im back! >:)
  3. Unexist

    Sounds good! Ill be there! Just give me a date 🍻
  4. Unexist

    RIP Johnny... he will be missed!
  5. Unexist

    Happy B-Day guys!
  6. Unexist

    No... Bavaria would also be a reason to leave
  7. Unexist

    Thanks everyone! Ill be back some day...
  8. Unexist

  9. Unexist

    For the few who still know me Every month i receive an e-mail reminding me that i am part of the best clan in the world. It also reminds me that i have been inactive for a month... again! Ever since my gaming buddy T-Ball passed away i havent been playing much games. Last December my beautiful daughter Zoë has born. She became my number one priority ever since. Last February i sold my gaming PC due to lake of space. So... it is time for me to leave Take care everyone! Kind Regards, Unexist
  10. Unexist

    Invite is pending!
  11. Unexist

    Happy B-day man!
  12. Unexist

    Happy B-day man!!
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