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    thats fucked up... can't we just play it when you got your account back?
  3. Unexist

    o yes! count me in!
  4. Unexist

    no no no dont say that if you were not there to help us!
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    Welcome Grill!
  8. Unexist

    Might be usefull
  9. Unexist

    If its 7pm (19:00) UK...so 8pm (20:00) european time i would like to join !
  10. Unexist

    I got it fixed! thank you very much!
  11. So i bought a new pc. Installed Steam and installed COD4. Now... i fixed my PB problems but it seems that the MW2 freezetag server is running on cod version 1.7. The standard version you get from Steam is 1.8!?!?! how the fuck do i get 1.7 on? or just get in to the server? please help!?
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    Happy new year idiots!
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    Welcome Idiot!
  15. Unexist

    Very nice! ?
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