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  1. Vincent

    Our hearts and prayers go out to all lnvolved.
  2. Vincent

    Retired Boilermaker.
  3. Vincent

    Sorry to hear about your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  4. Vincent

    Just saw this. Happy Birthdaay Beers!
  5. Vincent

    Happy belated birthday Budman. I hope it was a great one!
  6. Vincent

    Happy birthday. Enjoy.
  7. Vincent

    Happy birthday Toes. Have a great day.
  8. My condolences go out to his family. He kicked my butt many times.
  9. Vincent

    Happy birthday Bama.
  10. Vincent

    Happy birthday!
  11. Vincent

    Happy belated birthday Larsin. hope it was a great one!
  12. Vincent

    Happy Birthday Spin.
  13. Vincent

  14. Vincent

    I worked at Sun Marcus Hook in the 90's i'm a retired Boilermaker from Local 13 Philadelphia.