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  1. Barron3000

    Welcome back bud , hope all is good!
  2. Cheers got mine updated yesterday! They even did a security update for XP due to it , which is no longer supported which says alot about the update
  3. Barron3000

    I'm still cracking up , They said they were doing an update hours ago.... I still refuse to use Chrome at the same time
  4. Barron3000

    The game is banned in Australia thats why haha I'm sure he could activate the game using a vpn in a different country
  5. Barron3000

    Did Chili turn up at all ?
  6. Barron3000

    Their server browser whole thing is being upgraded in the next game update with community XP on the servers , lets see what happens on that first Right if you havent played the original Insurgency or their WW2 game Day of Infamy , you will have a hard time to master it all. If you are new to game id suggest to play "Local play" against bots and try out the different roles etc, commanders and radiomen need to be beside eachother for airstrikes There is pop up tutorials on the right of your screen in game too if it detects your new to the role. Sandstorm just isnt the type of game to hop on and play straight away, but if your up for a challenge go for it 😂 Mess around on local play with insurgents and security to find out their advantages and how to counter each other is the main thing.
  7. Barron3000

    If you are timing out or having random ping spikes then your dx files are screwed, reinstall them and it will go back to normal Happened to me about 6 months ago I was trying everything from port forwarding and all 😂
  8. Barron3000

    Main question is are you even Italian or from Milan? 😂
  9. Barron3000

    National Security issue? So you felt ok when Snowden released all the spying programs by the NSA? The way the could basically spy on anyone , was that ok? Fuck me , guy's you's need to see a clearer picture 😂
  10. Barron3000

    Before that does even happen He was not banned for "being good" he is talking crap He was banned for racism and a recent VAC ban
  11. Barron3000

    You were not banned for "being good" , you were saying racist remarks several times in game. And you have a recent VAC ban and our servers do not allow VAC ban players to join. Since your VAC ban was recent it hadnt be registered on our servers yet so either way you wouldnt have been able to join down the line regardless - Appeal Denied
  12. Barron3000

    "I'm not appealing my ban, shit server anyways. " - In your last post here You really are special arent you?
  13. Barron3000

    He/She provided the files/videos to Assange and Assange is getting the worse of it
  14. Barron3000

  15. Barron3000

    I didnt want to comment on this but fuck me, like him or dislike him he exposed many corruptions and fraud that was never seen before. Chelsea Manning would be the main target for exposing all that confidential data to him, yet Obama before he left office released him 7 years through a 25 year sentence Yes Assange avoided a rape case in Sweden etc but no one is interested in that in the media but more towards his confidential leaks Without those leaks would you's still feel the same about your governments? You guys want Edward Snowden extradited too? I am neutral on him being arrested but at the same time dont want to see him extradited to the US for trial simply for the fact of journalism
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