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  1. The official figure would be slightly more as we used gameme stats 6 months or so after the first server Mad looking at it there , wasnt expecting that 3/4 years ago when I started the servers back up 1 million by the end of 2020? ??
  2. Barron3000

    Welcome to the forums bud
  3. Barron3000

    Welcome to the forums bud
  4. Barron3000

    Welcome to the forums bud
  5. Barron3000

    Thanks for the ban appeal We will discuss it with the admins and get back to you asap -Barron
  6. Barron3000

    Nah mate Uprising Night on Occupy is the best ?
  7. Barron3000

    Be sure to grab us a bottle of franziskaner while your in berlin ?
  8. Barron3000

    I'm arriving from Dublin at 4 pm in Barcelona on the Thursday , I'll sort you out with money
  9. Barron3000

    They are also called "Cursed images" you should look that up " Cursed Images are images that are captioned with the phrase "Cursed Image." They are generally pictures or photographs that are seen as disturbing to the viewer, either due to the poor photo quality or content within the image that is abnormal or illogical "
  10. Barron3000

    Congrats man!
  11. Barron3000

    6 hours till work ..... tell me about it
  12. Barron3000

    Sorry bud you mentioned it to me earlier Seeing it now , Welcome Bud!
  13. Barron3000

    @Angelz @RobMc This guy was a Trump supporter now gone democrat and spammed this shit similar posts ??
  14. Barron3000

    Right my flights are booked , 3rd to the 5th Oct
  15. Barron3000

    It's not the point bud , I was close to commenting on your original post It's a sensitive topic in general For example there wasnt 1 topic up in regards to the mosque shooting in new zealand on the forums
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