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  1. Barron3000

    Algebrat is correct , you are in game using >XI< at the end of your name. You must of been approached already from one of the admins then you changed it to >Xl< (Lower case L instead of I) Simple thing to do is change your name without the XI part , you are basically impersonating a XI member when you are not one
  2. Barron3000

    Your Ban has been lifted
  3. Barron3000

    Hi , We will look into your ban and get back to you shortly
  4. Barron3000

    Thats our VAC ban autokick plugin , its been in place for over 2 years The only thing about it is , we cant give exceptions to certain players , the plugin doesnt allow it Unfortently I cant help you there bud
  5. Barron3000

    Hi , Your SteamID isnt on our ban database and we had 3 bans on the 10th of november and none were for VAC bans as we have an auto VAC ban kick. The profile you linked us doesnt have a VAC ban like Can you please explain the error message or so that is preventing you from joining?
  6. Barron3000

    Hi, We will look into your ban and will get back to you soon
  7. Barron3000

    My current rig is AMD FX-8350 + R9 290X Experiment build I am currently hoping to overclock , I havent done anything yet , need a better watercooler for OC Moved from Intel i5 but I still have have not ran into any problems with the AMD build I would of went with Ryzen of course but the 8 core FX series are going for quite cheap now with major OC potential. Experiment build at the end of the day haha
  8. Welcome to the team guys"
  9. Barron3000

    If you have to buy the actual game and then pay another 15 dollars a month for their service is a joke by bethesda There is plenty of game subscription services out there from the likes of EA and Ubisoft etc for that price but they give you access to their whole game catalogue Dont get me wrong I am not hating on your post , I love fallout games but I avoided Fallout 76 due to its launch reviews It's just a bad move from bethesda with this new subscription service for its game , if they made Fallout 76 free and had the subscription service then it wouldnt seem as bad but I think the damage is already done 😕
  10. Barron3000

    We still cant find your ban? Can you try connecting to our servers today and see if your prevented from joining? If you were banned we would be notified about blocked players trying to enter and we will look into from there But at the moment you are not appearing banned for us
  11. Barron3000

    Hi , I am having trouble finding a ban for "Spennyk" Can you post your steamid or steam profile so we can looking into it?
  12. Barron3000

    Thanks for the ban appeal We will discuss it with the admins and get back to you shortly
  13. Barron3000

    This is bullshit honestly !
  14. Barron3000

    Different game and different admin aproaches COD admins have their own procudure when it comes to their bans Why should it apply to INS or any other game XI host? If it works then it works, at the end of the day why would the INS crowd play COD ? And why would the COD players play INS ? I wasnt being arrogante but when someone comes on "A game ban appeal which a game they are not afflieted with" It just annoys me Rant over
  15. Barron3000

    I appoved your comment there If we had the same ruleset as COD when it comes to bans we would have over 2000+ bans We are more lenient when it comes to bans on INS
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