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  1. Video I just seen there on Youtube , quite impressive I must say So if my heart goes tits up one day when I am on teamspeak/discord you's better ring an ambulance for me 🤣
  2. Barron3000

    After a day or 2 with conversations with the admins , they have decided to keep you banned. There is video evidence obtained from one of the admins, and they made up their opinion. Suspected of using brights skins Your "Multiple Game bans on record" on your steam account does not help your case man Appeal Denied
  3. Barron3000

    Current maps added to Server 2 : buhriz_night district_night tell_night embassy_night Maps added to server 1: buhriz_night district_night tell_night embassy_night sinjar_night Any other recommendation or change just post here and we will look into it
  4. Barron3000

    Sounds like a GPU driver problem or so Markoff best thing to do is boot your PC using your motherboard graphics rather than your GPU so VGA or HDMI depending what your motherboard takes If you are still getting black screens then just take out your GPU and continue using the motherboard graphics to try sort the issue out Rollback previous GPU drivers or simply just go the nvidia/amd driver website and download the second to the most recent driver Go to CMD and type sfc /scannow (which will see if any windows files are broken and repair them for you) Put back in the GPU after all that and see if you are still getting the black screens
  5. Barron3000

    Yep I know what you mean , I haven't been around as much lately but we often did have night maps in The night maps I thought was best for the servers at the time was , Panj , Embassy , District , Buhriz, Tell and Sinjar (Server 1 only) If anyone else have any other suggestions for maps fire ahead, No issue there
  6. Barron3000

    You will be fine feck sake haha , you have been around on the servers from literally day one and you are well known! Welcome to the team bud!
  7. Barron3000

    Ran into more problems than Win7 in the end , I had all the W10 updates up to date , motherboard drivers too. I just disabled the future updates and Cortana. I was having major issues, long story Went back with a fresh copy of W7 and its all back to good For people saying its a component issues or so my build is below: CPU: AMD FX-8350 GPU: Radeon R9 290x RAM: 12GB DDR3 Ran into the same sort of issues with W10 Pro (different version) with Intel i5-3470s and a R9 270x
  8. Barron3000

    Windows 10 standard and Pro have no option to disable windows updates (some of them, not all have destroyed people's pc's) Enterprise edition has the option to disable all of it and run windows they way it should realistically be run. If your ever stuck or need a windows give me a shout , I have literally all versions of Windows going back to Windows 98 haha
  9. Barron3000

    Same to all you's , have a good one guys!
  10. Barron3000

    Ironically last 2/3 days my windows 7 was acting up , eventually packed in last night. Whole OS just got corrupt in the end, spent all New Years night backing up all my files and stuff. Was having boot issues all night also , woke up at 4am randomly and said to myself i'll tackle this fucker again and suddendly it worked. Eventually installed fresh copy W10 Enterprise edition on a small SSD . Have the telemetry and stuff all disabled also the future updates (all up to date currently). I'll keep you's updated haha , hopefully I dont go through another bad experience with W10
  11. Barron3000

    Thanks for the help last night bud , I'll have to change my name too now sometime tomorrow
  12. Barron3000

    I aint touching that windows 10 again , had it on a 240gb new SSD and I got a blue screen randomly and it then wouldnt boot. Turned out that windows 10 actually ended up wiping the whole SSD. Luckly it was on a new SSD with a fresh copy of W10 on it but still imagine if it was a 1 or 2 TB drive with important files on it and the same happened I just renewed my Zonealarm subscription for the year anyway regardless of the non windows updates or not Windows 10 enterprise is the version I would reccommend for people though if they dont want the constant windows updates. You can disable them and alot more of their telemetry data collections
  13. Barron3000

    No worries at all Johnny anytime 👍
  14. Barron3000

    Hi Killerfreak, You are not actually banned from our servers , we have a VAC autokick in place for players joining the XI Insurgency servers. According to your steam profile do appear to have a VAC ban from over 1800+ days Out of curiosity I just checked how many VAC banned players that have been prevented from joining and its current figure as of typing now is over 33,121 Unfortently we cant help you there :/
  15. Barron3000

    Strange one.... I'm on TS whenever bud
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