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  1. Sure if you don't know how it works then you have no hope Look at the link I send you it shows you everything from HTML5, Javascript, CSS and PHP No point getting people to do things for you when you don't know how it actually works. You will just run into problems down the line and this topic will just go on for me
  2. Welcome to the clan man!
  3. If you learn Javascript or get to understand it you should be fine , there is loads of free plugins there for image galleries etc
  4. Its been over 2 years since I last worked on HTML and javascript. I have done a few websites in the past and my still have copies of them on my hardrive. I will look around to see if I done one with a photoalbum in it.
  5. Yes you need to buy a domain name , they are quite cheap about a few euro. Then you can decide to pay to get your website hosted which is cheap also The website below is excellent for beginners, it shows you all different designs for HTML with example codes. It covers CSS and Javascript too.
  6. You mention you and Fear and that "our word should be taken into greater consideration"...Really? You's have been flat out playing PUBG , only Ling has appeared recently on the XI servers since pretty much. No offensive The screenshots Fear posted 1 has been perm banned and 1 is no longer a moderator , the other 2 I never seen them since You are completely over exaggerating man. If you have played on the servers recently you would know what you said is wrong I'm sorry but there is no point taking shots at us when at the time you were playing there was 2 admins , now we have 4 admins and a handful of moderators.
  7. That would be a hard task Would need 12 players in the server for other players to get redirected onto the server. Think we got it going twice before after they changed the game menu. We had 40 players in the server and all haha
  8. I bought the game when it came out. I do know there is a few in XI that play it and a few regulars Anyone ever up for a game add me on Origin : Barron3000_XI
  9. Sold 30,000 copies after 2 days on steam and already has 61% positive reviews on steam. They also have included loot boxes.... Day of Infamy is one of the highest rated and most realistic WW2 FPS out there and was only released a few months ago . A good few from XI bought the game and enjoyed the game overall. The past few months most of the hype went onto COD WW2 and Battalion 1944 and both games have turned out to be poor overall. Overhyped games usually always turn out shit or nothing compared to what they were meant to be I will stop talking now
  10. I signed up for the beta yesterday , have to yet see an email back from them. I mean if it does work and becomes successful it could change the whole GPU industry. I'm curious myself now to see how it works. I quite like the idea
  11. Does it work that well? I seen the article there and was surprised and curious at the same time at how far technology has come especially from Nvdia from all people offering their goods for free
  12. Looks serious, I havent played a decent FPS since DOI , hopefully it lives up to the hype!
  13. You can always use GameMe signatures , I'm not sure thats what you want but heres the link to your profile anyway for an idea
  14. Be be fair there is alot of hate on this topic but then again I think there should not of been a public poll on the main homepage but rather in the topic itself Just my 2 cents....
  15. Yeah well if we did get a 3rd server my priority would still be on the 2 push servers. It could be worth a shot like, I may have an idea for up my sleeves