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  1. By we mean by "excessive spawn camping" is spawn camping over numerous of rounds ....over the top spawn camping pretty much In terms of screenshots and evidence , your more than welcome to show any of us proof of being abusing those rules and we will take matters into our own hands
  2. Fear you know me over a year and such and I know from your frustration that you came to the forums to try put a point across Unfortunately it happens regardless if no admins are online or not. There is 2 servers there with over 200,000 players that have played on the servers among many time zones when admins arent online. Shit like that will happen regardless with some people not understanding English Then again you could of easily have messaged me or Evil Monkey on Steam like you did tonight and I got it sorted. I have sort of taken a break from Insurgency for the time being but I am online everyday on Steam Regards to the spawn camping rules? There is not much realistically we can do if there only 2 admins at various timezone patrolling 2 servers
  3. It has broke Steam records as the most players online at a single time
  4. I only noticed a BF4 EU server there on the homepage, it was never announced by the looks of it. I will happily go back playing BF4, just need a small group to get going. I will participate in helping the server getting populated, no problem there!
  5. Thats alot better actually Pochinki would be still my preferred place to go. I was looking at the Image and discovered Lipovka on the far right of the map has high loot and in 3 of buildings. I went to it earlier and there was about 4 guys going for the same buildings so that image there must picking up
  6. What did you expect sure? COD is basically an arcade game compared to Battlefield
  7. A good guide here of where good loot and vehicles are
  8. There is servers going for it at the moment. They are bringing out modding tools next year apparently . @Poseidon knows more about it
  9. Hi Generic, Looks like you were vote banned through a console command activated by a player in game. They are rare enough but do happen at times. Basically it temp bans you for like an hour and there is no way of me undoing the ban as those bans aren't linked into our Sourcebans database. Your temp ban should be well gone by now so you will be able to play again. If you remember the names of the people who were calling you racial slurs, it would be great and I will deal with them. I will see you around on the servers!
  10. Came 1st today in the most players online by 100,000+ more than Dota 2 (which is a free game)
  11. All rumors man , nothing scientific confirmed about anything regarding e-liquids yet. At the end of the day would you rather smoke tobacco with tar or e-liquids , that's the way I look at it
  12. I quit about 7 months ago after a heart scare and went onto the e-cigs. It has worked a treat I must say especially after smoking for 8+ years. Once you find the right flavour you like....stick with it , that's how i managed to quit cigarettes/tobacco altogether
  13. It peaked 862,413 players online this week. Insane considering the game is only out a few months. It even got more players than CSGO now. It will be a matter of time till it reaches 1 million players playing Stats can be found here:
  14. Happy Birthday Rugger have a good one!
  15. We are in Group D and will be facing the team $anity Make sure we enter the discord channel at I would recommend to download discord to join it rather than through a web browser as the web browser version tends to have audio issues at time