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  1. Turned out to be a completely different problem that I though he had. He has a dolby license issue because of windows being dicks. I was suggesting him to try out DPS audio but it was a complete different issue with dolby so yeah...
  2. I may check out it so , thanks for the info!
  3. I know where your coming from. Occasionally there is always 1 troll that decides to flashbang his teammates and can be hard to tell who through it as you are blinded. I have banned a few people in the past for the same reasons as they were constantly doing it on purpose. Was this happening to you last night or is it just something you have seen happening regularly? Regards to a flashbang plugin to display a players name, I haven't seen one going around. I mean I could perhaps try out coding a quick plugin that would display a players name if they triggered a flashbang but I don't know I think it would clutter up the chatbox
  4. Cheers Daemon he is banned now! "Professional Insurgency Player" with only 9 hours played , what a prick
  5. Hit me up in TS , I may just have a solution for that
  6. Yep I sent him a message earlier on Steam
  7. Full features found here: I just downloaded it there and there has been major changes done. It definitely seems a lot faster Firefox uses around 30 per cent less memory than Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari on Windows operating systems Firefox Quantum is the result of around 700 authors across the globe contributing code to the browser since August 6th 2017.
  8. I pretty much brought up the idea a few years ago regarding EU vs US players and it went according to plan It can be easily done though , once we name a date and time and create a new topic regarding a new tournament I'm sure it will go ahead We can even allow a few regular FOXI players like before if we are short on numbers so I don't see the difficulty there
  9. Hi Foremole, Thanks for the info! Since there has been many votekick bans recently I will be searching through the logs tomorrow for information regarding all bans. I have 2 days worth done already, I will have it all done tomorrow morning -Barron
  10. Hi Redreign , You were vote banned by the sound of it which unfortunately gives you a 1hr temp ban from >XI< server 2. Since its a console ban its not linked to our ban database so it will have to wait out You should be unbanned very soon Any idea what the guy's name was who initialized the vote? If you do I will deal with him straightaway -Barron
  11. I would recommend Logitech , I have 5.1 surround sound system about 10 years and still works perfect with no problems and they normally come with 3/5 year warranty
  12. Caught him tonight Thanks for the info!
  13. Strange enough yeah I never seen him on the server before and he is ranked thereabouts in the top 20 in the server. I have an alert setup now for whenever he joins the server. I'll definitely keep on eye on him. Thanks for the info and I will see you around!
  14. Want to try get something like a small tournament going guys? We need something to get the battlefield community back together at least. I just hate seeing it the way it is
  15. When you get vote kicked you can join the server straightaway but if someone initializes a vote ban against you then you are temp banned for an hour. The votebans are separate from admin bans so they do not appear on our Sourcebans You should definitely be unbanned by now as it was a 1 hour temp ban Any other problems feel free to add me on Steam