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  1. Yeah well like I mean its sort of a waste of pasta when the likes of a carbonara or bolognese are simple to make and a lot more tastier. I don't know that's just how I view it
  2. Welcome Souleater!
  3. Am I the only one that finds that disgusting? It would be way too plain and salty for my liking
  4. Well that's Windows 10 for you , the OS is barely even in Beta so that's why they force updates. I remember when 1 update basically fucked up one of my HDD where it began making clicking noises , I had enough and went back to 8.1 and everything was working perfect and haven't had an issue since. The only decent Windows 10 is the Enterprise edition where you can actually disable the updates and telemetry. The recent Windows 10 updates seem to be hit or miss for most peoples computers which is unacceptable in my eyes , its no wonder why many businesses stick to windows 7
  5. 30 million and it will continue growing overtime. CSGO is the other big 5v5 game but siege is on another level to it in my opinion I will pop on with you's tomorrow and try get another ace or two
  6. I like the idea you can put a decoy at a window to make it look like your spawn peaking enemies haha
  7. If its the same gunplay as BF1 then count me out and I think there is way too many WW2 shooters these days or is that just me?
  8. Hi Yinn, Sorry about the other replies in the topic , unfortunately it's happening regularly lately for the "Other Game Ban Appeals" and hopefully will be fixed soon Anyway due to lack of evidence I have decided to unban you - Barron
  9. Welcome to the team Chips ahoy!
  10. Yeah I think I might just buy Lesion , was using Ling 2/3 times today and that LMG is a mess to control haha. I seen video footage today of the new operators in siege , there is gameplay going around from Youtubers at a Siege event this week. Alibi has a 32 round auto shotgun which is insane and Maestro's LMG looks overpowered altogether. Maestro's drone only does 5 damage per shot and can be destroyed once opened so its not completely bulletproof Some of those point changes don't really make a lot of sense. Fuze gaining no points for using cluster charge and ela being nerfed once again. Pulse, Mira and Doc point increases seem to be the most improved.
  11. Oh right , that article cleared it up for me so. I was mislead elsewhere about the starter edition It's definitely all the seasonal operators cost 25k, was a recent update that gave all standard edition users all the basic operators for free so I haven't purchased 1 in years. I have like 32k spare and don't know which operator to get. I was thinking of Frost, Lesion, Echo or Hibana Echo is getting buffed in next update so he will have 2 drones rather than 1 so I don't know Ying was the last operator I got and she is a stuggle to use on most of the maps :/
  12. Brilliant game I have been playing it everyday since my internet sorted out the packet loss issue If anyone is interested in buying the game stay away from the "Starter Edition", its a grind fest A typical operator costs 25,000 credits to unlock , if you have the Starter Edition it will cost you 100,000 credits Standard edition will do just fine
  13. I cant stand the Royal Weddings at all! Had a interview earlier and the Sky News app on my phone was buzzing every 5 mins with news regarding the wedding from when they where spotted and from when they said "I Do". I had enough with the BS I had to install the app fuck sake like haha The 30 million spent on the wedding could of been better used elsewhere
  14. I literally showed a few people the exact same video and we got different results , 2 Yanny's and 2 Laurel's