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  1. Meant to be loads of new content recently too , I keep meaning to install it again
  2. Just game across the article there, it was over a year ago for Rising Storm Vietnam review. They even have a screenshot of the XI MOTD on the Rising storm server. You will see it near the bottom
  3. Funky Josh purchased a server through GTXgaming and paid for the mods to be installed. It was only a 10 slot server in the end We can host Arma 2 and 3 servers through our provider but everything would have to setup from scratch , from the instalation and databases. Bit hard to start up an Arma server unless you have a regular playerbase of about 10+ players to get noticed. Would need an infistar licence too
  4. Nope , it was over 6 months ago. It was a 10 slot server and all...
  5. Not be blinded playing games at night no?
  6. 25,000 more new players in less than 2 weeks, the 500,000 mark before Sandstorm is looking promising
  7. @Sitting-Duc can we make a INS ban appeal if possible? Other ban appeals gives all admins permissions to post/accept etc
  8. Hi kostas1127, Its an auto kick people for people with any sort of VAC ban. It has been in place on out servers nearly over a year and have had no complaints. Well over 15,000 VAC banned players have been blocked from joining last time I checked We cant unban you manually as its basically an autokick , we would have to turn off the feature all together. Which unfortuantely for you , wont be happening. Sorry about that -Barron
  9. Hey

    Yes we have regular players on the Insurgency servers daily. I havent been on as much due to the World Cup Hope to see you around
  10. Hi Keeny, Due to highly convincing video footage of you on the server we have decided your ban will remain.
  11. Hi Keeny, Thanks for the appeal we will investigate your ban and talk with the other admins and get back to you - Barron