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  1. It's a new FPS game coming out this summer. A friend on steam messaged me about the free giveaway as I had the game on my wishlist on steam. Here is some gameplay footage. To get a beta key all you have to do is join the developers discord and you will be sent an auto message how to get a beta key. You join the channel it asks and type !key and your key will be sent to you in a private message. Here is the link to their discord: https://discord.gg/aq6Tpn7 I don't know how long the beta keys will be given out for as I was only told about it today
  2. The worldwide tournament is in roughly 4 weeks time. We could setup a few XI squads if enough are interested in participating. I think it may be down to location not too sure. You can select to participate in the US league or Euro league for example If enough are interesting we can form a few squads and play on a few competitive servers or possibly even setup an XI competitive server for just people wanting to get the hang of the competitive gamemode before it starts Anyway whoever is interesting in forming XI squads, you might as well put your names down below Also communication is key so a mic is essential
  3. It takes a few games to get used to everything. Also keep a watch out for the random red zones that appear on the map , its artillery strikes. If you discover you are in a red zone make sure your inside a building quick
  4. Sorry to for your loss, condolences to you and your family. RIP
  5. You know quite well why you were banned. On your ban appeal you said you were "unsure" as why you were banned. It says before you join the server that there is no racist comments allowed. You then ask the question in game is racism allowed then continued to say lots of racist comments so I banned you. You then change your name to "It's not racist its heritage" and tried to enter back into the server. Appeal Denied
  6. Not currently no , the devs are working on the new Insurgency game now which is due to release in early 2018 with a possible alpha/beta towards the end of this year It should be out early next year. It's going to be called Insurgency Sandstorm. I posted the single player trailer for it a few weeks ago. The multiplayer trailer should be coming out soon enough I'd say
  7. Good to hear!. Stringer wanted to add the custom maps in but there was only like 2 maps available at the time so it wasn't worth it at the time. Few weeks ago there was only 2/3 maps available so I'd say there is way more maps now. I will definitely try some of the maps out tomorrow and see what they are like
  8. The Insurgency devs surprisingly announced today that they are doing a worldwide tournament for players to compete against other clans/groups. The event itself is taking place on August 12th and you need 5 man team to play against other groups from around the world. If you's are interested it seems to be easy to setup. I myself will be interested and will be looking to organise a team soon Everyone is free to setup a team themselves if they can get 5 players Full details are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aVyibz5d6wro2oKTptMEJtSkkdmX__YehaYRPsLaDw0/edit To register you team you have to click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScBAIrkvpqWVR8h_bQmn_DzpeQqHBnHaA_HZXyw_KDKcL8G4A/viewform Original Announced is below: Are you an Insurgency player that's looking for a little more competition? Well the folks at the gym may have you covered. They have been running a competitive community and are looking for more players to fill their ranks. So join in and get some practice. Then gather your friends together and enter..The International CupThe Gym is also hosting The International Gym Cup; a tournament on August 12 that will be hosting teams from across the globe. They're looking for teams and casters to fill out this event. Full details of the event are here. Please go support them.Community OutreachIf you're an established league looking for visibility, please contact us and we'd be happy to highlight you here or on social media.
  9. This is your second ban appeal on the website under different account names You have attempted to join on XI servers on multiple steam accounts and now your new one WhopperJJ seemed to get through. Appeal Denied
  10. It's not necessarily the developers fault. They give the tools to allow people to make the mods available to the community so its the creators of the mods decide to publish the mods or not. Then again yes one or two game updates can break some mods in question. A majority of them still work fine apart from the uniforms An auto-kick is on the servers. It's set at 10 minutes. So if a person is AFK for 10 mins they will be autokicked. People don't typically last 10 minutes AFK as people will end up vote kicking the AFK guy If someone is AFK on the servers for a long time, you can simply press ESC and there is a option there to start a vote. Select Vote Kick and select the guys name who is AFK and your team will vote to kick the guy or not
  11. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUND It is currently the best selling game on Steam at the moment and is continuing to grow tremulously Tonnes of players are playing it and squading up together. I'm sure there is a good few players who already own the game and are looking for a few players to play with Put your name in the link below if you are looking to team up a few people.
  12. Just a post for people to post their Steam accounts if they wish to play with other players The game is very popular at the moment and I am sure some players on the website play the game too and are looking to squad up Post SteamID's or Steam names below if you's wish to squad up and play together
  13. I wouldn't really download downloading uniforms anymore. A quick Insurgency patch a few months ago gave a lot of uniform mods problems. Loads of players subscribed to mods couldn't see the enemy as they were turning out to be invisible I would stick to the weapon/scopes/sound mods for now
  14. For a plugin for free you are going to struggle to find consistant streams. There is a paid one I can recommend you, I think its $60/70 for a whole year but they also have 1/3/6 month packages if you wish to try them out. They have all the tonnes of channels including all the paid movie and sports channels. I use the sports version of them instead as I wouldn't really watch anything else Yeah Sportsmania is a solid plugin for sports especially with all their HD streams. I recently bought a 6 month subscription in late April, later did I cop on that there was only 4 weeks left of the football season , Fuck it I still got my moneys worth I suppose . I will be definitely getting a year subscription once my 6 months ends, its well worth it in the long term.
  15. I have put in over 20+ hrs on RS2 Vietnam but for me overtime it got boring playing the same 4/5 maps the whole time over and over. I will continue again if more content comes about Regards to getting more people playing the game then I don't know at all. There has been tonnes of clan members applying for Stringers giveaway for the game even though you can get the game for less than $10. The ones that wont win the raffle or didn't win the raffle and were originally interested but still wont pay the $10 for the game. It's just one of those things man