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  1. That plugin has its issues too , it doesn't always register players that throw flashbangs Which is one of the main reasons I am not putting it on XI servers. The servers are running at a bare minimum amount of plugins for performance reasons. More plugins = more crashes/performance issues We were expecting Sandstorm release this week too so I tried to get Insurgency servers finished and out of the way for Sandstorm so there would be no more work needed to be done Now Sandstorm is delayed till December but anyhow
  2. This is an old topic but anyway Derxos brought up a good point or two. It's all down to peoples map knowledge too We typically ban people after bring warned and continue spawn killing. The rule stats when joining the servers "No Excessive spawnkilling over numerous of rounds" If an admin tells you to stop after 1 or 2 attempts and you go ahead and ignore them your out
  3. Fuck that shit I'm sure with all the millions he get in donations that surely he has a good CCTV setup around his house. You never know he could have the Licence plate of the car doing on video it and all
  4. I don't know if he has kids in the house or that but still it's a dick move shooting at someones house. I'd go ape shit that's for sure!
  5. Its anime aka japanese cartoon shit. I still to this day don't know how people are into that especially when it comes to the nudity
  6. Welcome to the forums bud
  7. The last 2 updates have improved the performance massively. I had doubts since the closed Alpha and start of the Beta But fuck me the game has completely improved since! Only 9 days left till launch I can see only good coming
  8. Closed beta is still available till the games release in 10 days
  9. No problem!
  10. If its Source engine based games I would recommend leaving the fullscreen option on "borderless" to prevent delays when alt-tabbing in and out.
  11. You can play it now buy purchasing it , once you own the first Insurgency you get a 20% discount. The second beta is live now till the release which is in less than 3 weeks
  12. That video should give you a good view of the game Performance wise its not the best at the moment, lets see what happens till release
  13. It's Sweden sure what do you expect They let over 200,000+ migrants in many not from Syria and Iraq. A good majority are from Somalia and Afganistan There has been over 20+ No-Go Zones since all them arrived as there has been nothing but crime and rapes. The Swedish government are that far up their arse that they ignore all the facts and continues to bring the migrants in. "Diversity is our strength" - someone please tell me a country in the last 20 years that actually benefited from letting lots of migrants for 3rd world countries in?