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  1. Barron3000

    At least im not alone in that sense. It still surprises me that some businesses still use windows 10 considering all these problems exist.
  2. Barron3000

    I am a huge fan of Windows 8.1 with the Windows 7 start menu , it disables at the shitty apps and such but Nvidia and Amd dont support graphic drivers anymore. It's basically a faster Windows 7 I hope they decide to support Windows 8.1 once the updates for windows 7 end in 2020
  3. I remember seeing this on TV a few years back , NASA could actually create rain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v67nPTG3Pno
  4. Hxtr I can somewhat understand your case in real life but games? 😂
  5. Barron3000

    There last night I was randomly playing a game and got a Blue Screen of Death for "Memory Management" ( not the first one ofc ), this time it took about 2/3 mins for it to gather information till it to get to 100%. Anyway after that I went to boot into my HDD it said "Unable to access boot device , press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart" I tried again and same story , I have windows 7 build on my second drive so I booted that up and the SSD for windows 10 was showing but was unnaccesable so I instantly thought the SSD was damaged or simple finished. It wasnt until I went to put a windows 7 disc into the PC and do a install to see the status on the HDD's. Turns out the SSD was completly wiped, like wtf? All that from a BSOD with Windows taking longer than usual gathering data for it. I wouldnt mind only a month or 2 beforehand one of the windows 10 updates completly deleted all the programs from my desktop like really? At the end of the day I had a 240GB SSD for OS and 1 or 2 games so I didnt lose much , I have 3/4 HDD's for games etc but imagine having a 1TB or 2TB HDD fulll and it suddenly being wiped by Windows 10 Last night I installed a copy of Windows 7 on the SSD and it is working no problem. I am done with Windows 10 it has cost me may too many problems. I may just be one of the unlucky ones but what I have been through is unacceptable from an OS
  6. Barron3000

    It just works at the end of the day and has become more popular than teamspeak as of late due to it being free for servers etc If you dont want to use email then simply dont use it
  7. Barron3000


    The game isn't that bad ffs 😂 It's boring I will give it that , 45 min rounds is too much. If they had like a domination mode it would be fine
  8. We got a sandstorm server going tonight and the other 3 servers full too , that's over 120 players on the servers at the same time!
  9. Regards to GameMe I have no idea. It will have to be GameMe at the end of the day if they decide to support. They have a server browser in Sandstorm now , they got rid of the matchmaking as seen above in the screenshot I posted
  10. Latest Insurgency update has allowed server browser and server hosting. We are running 2 servers, One is Push and the other is a mixture of Push/Skirmish. The games full release is in like 4 weeks time and plenty more maps will be added Servers can be seen here
  11. Barron3000

    Is that Microsoft Flight Simulator? I bought that game awhile back , I said I would be up for a challenging game but fuck me 😂 Too many controls altogether and are all different for each aircraft. I must attempt to boot it back up and master the controls one day haha
  12. Barron3000

    This bass line is what you want
  13. Barron3000

    One of the most memed intros these days haha
  14. Barron3000

    Currently all your trojans are stored on a symantec folder in quarantine , you need to find out the exact folder or program the trojans are coming from before they go into quarantine. I'm sure if you click on the trojan it might give you the location it came from