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  1. Barron3000

    I'm sorry bud but after discussion with the admin team we decided to made your ban permanent. Yes you were wearing XI tags in game as a confusion since you said you joined the XI Steam group you thought you were XI. It's the matter of the complaints brought up from the public on Discord last night that XI member was shouting abuse in game. I was quick to find out the problem as none of our members would use any of the language you used towards another player last night. They were under the assumption that is was in fact an XI admin speaking that vulgar language to them. Unfortently due to that and some bad rep players would of thought from XI at the time the admins have said no. An XI rule below: " XI is an adult clan with no prohibitions on use of language except for two primary rules: no racist remarks, and no personal attacks. You need to check your sensitive feelings at the door when you come here: if you don't like it, don't look at it or don't comment on it. " Unfortently you wearing the XI tags and using that language goes completly against our clans policy and wouldnt of show a great image for new players on the server at the time. Appeal Denied
  2. Barron3000

    If you want to go into depth , here is the best for value gpu's https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_value.html
  3. Would you stop , look at Cricket sure 😂
  4. Soz that was me after like 10 bottles of peroni trying to sound like six-guns initial post Forgot I even poster it to be fair 😂😂
  5. Mate I had my crtizism towards Candana and Johnny acknowledged it, he created the post and understood my point of opinion , You on the other hand are the complete opposite So i'm gonna change this up in your words " I dont give a fuck who you are I am Barron, I have served in the Irish Military for over 20 years you cant tell me shit! You act like Mr hardman but get triggered over a Canada post" Fuck off man you are done Take a chill pill jesus
  6. Mr Untouchable language from you Grow a pair and dont take posts too serious jesus
  7. Trudeau letting in 500,000 refugees , debt that keeps rising each year since he has been in office. He was quoted as saying the debt will basically sort itself out Food prices one of the highest for a bit of meat and house prices insanely high No thanks Sorry Johnny but your country needs Trudeau out fast 😕
  8. Barron3000

    Might give WW3 a go again People saying its down from 64 players to 32 , performance must of been improved so
  9. Barron3000

    I think my weekly blue or rare ribeye steaks are next
  10. Barron3000

    Welcome to the forums bud
  11. Too many to name haha Dirty Harry is defintely up there
  12. The Outlaw Josey Wales is such an underatted movie The spaggetti westerns are the reason for it being underated. Then again i'm surprised no one mentioned them yet haha
  13. Barron3000

    We won it 7 times 😉
  14. Barron3000

    Welcome back bud , hope all is good!
  15. Cheers got mine updated yesterday! They even did a security update for XP due to it , which is no longer supported which says alot about the update
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