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  1. Uranium

    Ooo la la! Thanks! <3 I'll try to play this Friday.
  2. Uranium

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Heartbreaking finish, dang campers so close! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAMm9ID2AnY
  4. Uranium

    I have close to 1000 maps on my pc. I've tested about half so far with the mw2 mod and out of that 365 loaded and didn't appear to cause any problems, so there are lots of potential maps. Though how many of those are actually any kind of fun *shrug*
  5. Uranium

    What is the Heineken group @Dukoo
  6. Uranium

    I been busy with work and you always rage quit! @Sammy I started playing PUB recently, it's a big buggy since it's one of those early release games, but it's fun if you got a squad of people you know.
  7. Uranium

    I was able to find it. Here is a direct link. There is a channel on teamspeak for the game near the bottom.
  8. Uranium

    I don't have time to play very often lately, but you can find me on steam searching for "Uranium Cloud Jones"
  9. and bring back hoping into killstreaks! Though there are some maps where you can't use your killstreak perks because it thinks you aren't on the ground
  10. Uranium

    Fairy Tail, I like! You punk! No one was supposed to know!
  11. Uranium

    Looks neat. Did you do all the modelling in the radiant level editor or use another 3d app? Kind of makes me want to try and build a map. Haven't done that for a game since the original unreal tournament.
  12. Try to use this installer from Tim, makes it so much easier.
  13. Uranium

    If you went under a name change, the username is your new name it seems. Before the upgrade, I still had to login under my old name, but now I can login under Uranium,
  14. Uranium

    Hope the visit is good! Dallas is way better than San Antonio and H(aha)ouston I don't drive on highways, so that's a bit far for me, plus I work all week
  15. Crazy idea, but what if, we put the regular crossbow between the nade and the knife on weapon order? Yep, I found out the hard way It does give you ammo back though!