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  1. I haven't played in awhile due to IRL stuff and I've just now had a chance to play this update. It does seem like the AR's are way off on accuracy especially the SMR. The only one I found decent accuracy at mid-range is the g3. My experience with the other AR's is I could get multiple (4+) hit markers while ADS (including headshots) before they'd go down or empty a clip with the sights lined up center mass and not get a single hit in a full clip. I do think the old 308 was probably too OP compared to other guns, especially for long range. Sometimes I'll also get disconnected as soon as I join. In the console log it will just say ERROR: GAME DISCONNECTED. I guess the contact grenade is to prevent people from throwing back the sticky ones? Are there any differences between the explosive RC and defrost RC besides function? Haven't had much of a chance to take a look and accidentally selected the explosion one instead of the defrost one. The trophy system seems like a pretty cool idea. Great way to annoy the tubers!
  2. What if we add 15 seconds to the timer on that car? I too miss being able to defrost with the predator, but I can understand why it was removed since it allows you the freely defrost without risk. Though it would be nice if we could use it hit a friendly so it defrosts them.
  3. I concur with the RED drives. I have for storage a synology 4 bay NAS in raid 5 with btrfs file system. The btrfs makes things run slightly slower, but it's better at preventing corruption over time. I have a separate media pc that I use for the plex that reads from the NAS, but I have several people that can access my plex so I wanted something beefer than just using the NAS for hosting.
  4. Red Dwarf, but only the first 8 seasons. It's old, but I love it.
  5. I like the mod the way its been. More players in a game means more chaos and more chaos is more fun for me. The only changes I would like to see: make it so the tactical nuke can't be carried to a different round either auto-win round for that players team with nuke going off once streak is hit or make it "use it or lose it" for the current round, though that could be upsetting if you're last alive and die after getting it have emp nades do an initial percentage burst of defrost (like 20%) before then doing the rest of the amount like usual maybe have this initial blast only area slightly larger than the normal range
  6. I think the writers problem is that GRRM didn't finish the books. They've been great at adapting the existing books, but don't really know how to write what's in GRRM's head.
  7. Uranium

    Ooo la la! Thanks! <3 I'll try to play this Friday.
  8. Uranium

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Heartbreaking finish, dang campers so close! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAMm9ID2AnY
  10. Uranium

    I have close to 1000 maps on my pc. I've tested about half so far with the mw2 mod and out of that 365 loaded and didn't appear to cause any problems, so there are lots of potential maps. Though how many of those are actually any kind of fun *shrug*
  11. Uranium

    What is the Heineken group @Dukoo
  12. Uranium

    I been busy with work and you always rage quit! @Sammy I started playing PUB recently, it's a big buggy since it's one of those early release games, but it's fun if you got a squad of people you know.
  13. Uranium

    I was able to find it. Here is a direct link. There is a channel on teamspeak for the game near the bottom.
  14. Uranium

    I don't have time to play very often lately, but you can find me on steam searching for "Uranium Cloud Jones"
  15. and bring back hoping into killstreaks! Though there are some maps where you can't use your killstreak perks because it thinks you aren't on the ground



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