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  1. Is this what you tried:
  2. You must be using that special undetectable hack from sharpedownloads.com! I'm going to tell Rugger!
  3. Not sure when fabrika2 was first added, but good job!
  4. Sharpe

    Aim help

    What's your /cl_mouseaccel set to? Assuming this is Cod4. Also, the mw2 snipers are set up a bit strangely.
  5. Think it's unfair to call it a cheat. Different fps levels alter the game mechanics in different ways. 125/250 have benefits/disadvantages over 333. I was playing a bunch in a deathrun server earlier in the year, and they'll toggle between all three to maximize the advantages of each. 125 for example will have benefits over the default 85. Is it fair to call that a cheat? Ultimately I think it boils down to what the admins/owner of a server allow/disallow. Expecting everyone to think 333 is disallowed because of the last line is dubious, especially when other servers/gametypes allow or even encourage it. It should be clearly stated as a rule.
  6. Sharpe


    @AusiGirlDid you try this yet?
  7. Sharpe


    Really? That's awesome! Wonder if it's routing it via Hawaii instead of London? That's a big drop! Which vpn? So that Ausigirl can try it.
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