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  1. FunkyChickn

    This is My Boy Jenson who we sadly lost yesterday to a shitty degenerative decease. He had recovered from a brain tumor after a operation to remove it and weeks of radiotherapy a few years ago, but soon started showing signs of another illness
  2. FunkyChickn


    Just make sure to choose living arrangements by broadband speed😁 Hope to see you around soon bud
  3. FunkyChickn

    Welcome ShineyArsole
  4. FunkyChickn

    I have never had any issues with 10
  5. 1 big fart and you're all out for the count. I think @Ruggerxi had the best advise, I will go with that. Oh nearly forgot fu all, except @Gatorgirl its that smile 😉
  6. FunkyChickn

    I would wait and speak to the Admin who banned you. He must have his reasons
  7. FunkyChickn

    @kovut Good luck and a speedy recovery bud
  8. FunkyChickn

    @ReaPer they can do amazing stuff these days. Hope you're feeling better soon.
  9. FunkyChickn

    One for the little kid and one for the big kid hey @HotRod55 😉 Have fun and don't grow up I hear its boring
  10. FunkyChickn

    For me, I play for fun not a high score. So It depends who is on the server if I join that game or another.
  11. FunkyChickn

    No wonder I don't need therapy. I'm now past help 😂
  12. FunkyChickn

    I have been here that long and not even a Dogtag to show for it.
  13. FunkyChickn

    Welcome back bud
  14. FunkyChickn

    @Sixgun Maybe you shouldn't get involved if it doesn't concern you
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