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  1. FunkyChickn

    Yeah i miss the old fkr to. @Predat0r piece of shit. Dating?? must be his care home nurse, bloody gold digger
  2. FunkyChickn

    Hey Bori, welcome
  3. FunkyChickn

    Could it be addons or patches?
  4. FunkyChickn

    Hey @El_Terrible glad to see you here
  5. FunkyChickn

    I didn't vote because I thought you would like to keep it at 100% Yes Welcome back Twit
  6. FunkyChickn

    Happy Birthday and fu! Boomboom
  7. FunkyChickn

    Sorry for your families loss @MordBlack.
  8. FunkyChickn

    Welcome and FU! Lewis
  9. FunkyChickn

    This is My Boy Jenson who we sadly lost yesterday to a shitty degenerative decease. He had recovered from a brain tumor after a operation to remove it and weeks of radiotherapy a few years ago, but soon started showing signs of another illness
  10. FunkyChickn


    Just make sure to choose living arrangements by broadband speed? Hope to see you around soon bud
  11. FunkyChickn

    Welcome ShineyArsole
  12. FunkyChickn

    I have never had any issues with 10
  13. 1 big fart and you're all out for the count. I think @Ruggerxi had the best advise, I will go with that. Oh nearly forgot fu all, except @Gatorgirl its that smile ?
  14. FunkyChickn

    I would wait and speak to the Admin who banned you. He must have his reasons



    You don't have permission to chat.
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