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  1. FunkyChickn

    Until a senior admin gets back to you, keep your yellow stained Y-fronts on backwards 🤪
  2. FunkyChickn

    What ever happened to.... 1. Buy game. 2. Install game 3. Go play Option 1. Campaign.. Option 2, Multiplayer Not any more. You buy game and then for no fault of your own you can't play because..... As Raven would say REALLY!!
  3. FunkyChickn

    I get most of my stuff from Overclockers, just because its easy to go fetch. Aria are quite good though, usually have a few good deals. Maybe find a few in your price range and then post for opinions.
  4. @coolmd I gave up on AMD after the same problem with 1 card then the 2 replacements. I received no real help from ASUS or ATi even though it was a common issue. I have the RTX2080 from MSI who have always been helpful with me in the past
  5. FunkyChickn

    Yes it is console bias and 8 to 12 player servers sucks to. I will learn from @Sonovabich for future games and wait until they cost next to nothing.
  6. FunkyChickn

    Hi All Idiots. I recently bought CODWW2 like a dickhead without asking for anyone their thoughts. Well I think it sucks, single and multiplay. I don't want to bore you with details but if you are thinking of getting it feel free to ask my opinion before spending your money. I requested a refund but was told it is not possible as I have played for more than 2hrs this includes single and multiplay time which can easily be done just watching all the video bullshit trying to start your level in single player. Just a heads up. If you buy it and don't like it then don't exceed 2hrs if you would like a refund...Its a lot of money to throw away
  7. FunkyChickn

    Even the dogs a hacker geez
  8. FunkyChickn

    Wishing a full and speedy recovery @RobMc . Keep your lid up bro
  9. FunkyChickn

    Hey Bama , hope things pick up for you soon. I'm still trying to talk the other Bama fan into playing again. She sure is a stubborn one though
  10. FunkyChickn

    RIP Cobra, you will be missed bro. Sorry to hear this sad news
  11. FunkyChickn

    In my youth I owned a skyway bmx and funky chicken was a type of stunt. I did this on a flat roof and fell off breaking both arms. Came out of hospital with 2 arms in slings like chicken wings, to the amusement of my friends and was given the name. It stuck, some can't even remember my real name
  12. Blk plague likes this. Who the fk is he oh and fu Chile, fu Rob
  13. Great idea, i changed to corded because of the hours i used to play in one day/night. Hate the cord though
  14. FunkyChickn

    So sorry for your loss buddy
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