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  1. Angelz

    Since we are headed into a robotic era that is going to replace all the humans on this planet due to greedy share holders. I don't think anyone is going to be able to afford to buy anything. No jobs, no income, no purchasing. Oh what a wonderful future we have coming!
  2. Angelz

    @Crack Sorry I thought you wanted the skeledude in your sig lol Thanks to @RobMc I now know Harvey 2face by name LOL
  3. Angelz

    I just used the pic Crack posted. I do not know who harvey 2face is. PS I just looked up the name oops that is who is in the sig I made for Crack that he has right now LOL I thought he was talking about the skeledude hahhahahhahaha Back to the drawing board LOL
  4. Angelz

    @hxtr [email protected] hahahahhahahahha
  5. Angelz

    How's this?
  6. Angelz

    Your welcome. I am glad it finally worked!!! Hopefully whatever is causing these issues with animated sigs gets corrected soon!!!
  7. Angelz

    If it shows a bunch of lines backspace them all out and delete your sig again. Click save and go go to home page. Go back to sig page and try again. I know it's frustrating. But we will get it to work.
  8. Angelz

    Hmmm that didn't work.. Did you delete it before you reuploaded it? Try deleteing it again and click save If the sig shows up backspace it out and reupload your sig X out the pop up error box and click save.
  9. Angelz

    Once it is in there, you are gonna get an error pop up message. Your sig may not show but click Save anyways. It should show up. I made a post about for @Sitting-Duc but he hasn't been online to see it yet.
  10. Angelz

    I can't wait to take a picture of a cop with his phone in his hand babbling lol I made a remark to a cop once about him babbling and driving and he said to me, "I have been specially trained to talk and drive" I said, "uh huh" LOL
  11. Angelz

    NO, only if you have it physically in your hand.
  12. Angelz

    Q: What do you call a gay dinosaur? A: Megasoreass.
  13. Angelz

    This is what I see on my screen LOL
  14. Angelz

  15. Angelz

    Not even gonna try LOL hahaha