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    Family, Friends, Gaming, Over Landing, Hunting, Fishing, and shooting.

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    MountainManDan or Mountain_Mann Years ago I was General RebelDawg of the "DDC" Death Dealer Clan. Now disspanded.

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  1. MountainMan

    Congrats and my condolences on the loss of your friend.
  2. My deepest condolences to his family. I only got a chance to speak to him a few times. Seemed like a very awesome guy. Rest In Peace my computer bother!
  3. I've been looking at this one. I like some of the features. Launch is off to one side and has a good mix is snow, forest. Take a look and see what you guys think.... http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_3300_98089
  4. MountainMan

    Had a blast last weekend! BUT the guy TEXAS sucks bad...LOL
  5. MountainMan

    I'm abstaining for the vote. It make not differences to me one way or another. The splitter is a convenience but not a necessity.
  6. MountainMan

    Happy Birthday everyone
  7. MountainMan

    Talk radio that no one else ever listens too..LOL
  8. MountainMan

    Will have to look at it...
  9. MountainMan

    My woods crawler.
  10. MountainMan

    I does look interesting.
  11. MountainMan

    Looking good
  12. MountainMan

  13. MountainMan

    Happy Birthday
  14. MountainMan

    Yes its a great game and I seem to be doing a little better now.
  15. MountainMan

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