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    Family, Friends, Gaming, Over Landing, Hunting, Fishing, and shooting.

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    MountainManDan or Mountain_Mann Years ago I was General RebelDawg of the "DDC" Death Dealer Clan. Now disspanded.

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  1. MountainMan

    Good luck. My father had kidney cancer and had one removed in 1999. He came through just fine. Had another bout of cancer in 2012 and made it through that all.. Stay positive and have positive people around you. Our thoughts are with you.
  2. MountainMan

    welcome to the forums Rwinn from the Rust group.
  3. MountainMan

    Welcome Bobby. Hope to kill you soon. Very nice shot yesterday btw.
  4. MountainMan

    So many scared people. Yes Spinpuppy its all bullshit to grab power. Wake up and look around you. They are trying their best to burn the world.
  5. MountainMan

  6. MountainMan

    Sorry for Your loss!
  7. MountainMan

    Congratulation Mr. Maxwell. Sorry about shooting you down last night.
  8. Who is this Idiot Tron that thinks he's so much smarter that everyone else on the computer. With the way that he tries to attack anyone else with a difference of opinion or takes umbrage with his post. I would say he is the more uneducated one of the group. The keyboard warriors of the world should just keep their opinion to their selves, and before you go off and slam me on the computer. I suggest you think to yourself "would I say it to his face the way I wrote it in this post". I don't think you would. You more than likely don't have the grit to stand in front on someone and open your mouth. That's all I have to say.
  9. MountainMan

    Welcome! What games are you currently playing?
  10. MountainMan

    Thanks for the shout out there Max. You know Ill help you anytime, or kill you. It's all the same to me....
  11. MountainMan

    Congrats and my condolences on the loss of your friend.
  12. My deepest condolences to his family. I only got a chance to speak to him a few times. Seemed like a very awesome guy. Rest In Peace my computer bother!
  13. I've been looking at this one. I like some of the features. Launch is off to one side and has a good mix is snow, forest. Take a look and see what you guys think.... http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_3300_98089
  14. MountainMan

    Had a blast last weekend! BUT the guy TEXAS sucks bad...LOL
  15. MountainMan

    I'm abstaining for the vote. It make not differences to me one way or another. The splitter is a convenience but not a necessity.



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