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  1. Zombie

    i have world war z as well buddy
  2. Zombie

    we need to get together and make a deerisle map add in the traders and all the good shit that goes into it
  3. Zombie

    is there anyway we can get a day z stand alone server
  4. Zombie

    great song
  5. Zombie

    happy birthday everyone especially my papa Gump
  6. Zombie

    i love this song
  7. Zombie

    anyone on the website ever play siege if so please drop uplay names so we can play together
  8. Zombie

    This is just an announcement where i live our Sheriff past away it was really sad because he was apart of mine and Gumps life for many years and he will be missed dearly and not taking away from that in anyway but i would like to congratulate my Dad Gump on becoming the new Sheriff of our county i am beyond proud of him and although it was under sad circumstance the reason he got the position im so proud. You are going to due great Congrats Sheriff I Love You
  9. Zombie

    I'm in for the ft team
  10. Zombie

    Thank you so much
  11. Zombie

    I love shinedown
  12. Zombie

    Bad news got stuck at work will be in tomorrow for sure because I am off sorry for all you wanting to try to kill me
  13. Zombie

    I'll be on the cod 4 server around 5pm est



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