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Everything posted by Ranger

  1. Ranger

    damn i really wanted to see some cock
  2. Ranger

    Im down to play it!!
  3. Ranger

    heres @HotRod55
  4. Ranger

  5. Ranger

    Looks solid to me. My only complaint is that HDD. Replace SSD all day (just my personal opinion)
  6. Ranger

  7. Ranger

  8. Ranger

    i would try to delete and reconnect so it redownloads usermap location is here: look for the folder of the map and delete it
  9. Ranger

    hi korwan
  10. Ranger

    Congrats and FU
  11. Ranger

    I didnt know you needed a mic plugged in to hear voice chat. I guess cause i have a usb headset
  12. Ranger

    thats a good catch. i would of never looked for that. Is the warranty still available?
  13. Ranger

    I pray it was peaceful. Condolences
  14. Ranger

    stop downloading porn
  15. Ranger

    What server do you play on
  16. Ranger

    hi poseidon
  17. Ranger

    Looks like something @Timmah! would wear
  18. Ranger

    throw some CREAM on there and it will be perfect
  19. Ranger

    all this cream turning me on
  20. Ranger

    I have a Nvidia 3070 paired with a i5-9600k and its been pretty solid running any old/new game on high settings. Good luck finding a video card right now though
  21. Ranger

    Dying Light if that counts
  22. Ranger

    I've always built all my computers but I'd say its better to get a pre-built now. PC gaming has gotten really popular these last 5 years and this whole crypto hype/mining isnt helping either. If I were to buy a new PC right now, Id get a pre-built since its so damn hard to get a good graphics card/CPU. I'd try Bestbuy, Amazon, Newegg (good luck with that tho )
  23. Ranger

    You should know I definitely don't have any issues with aiming. It really does suck tho. Cod4 has better hitreg right now
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