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    Thanks to all for the birthdAY WISHES
  3. StanG

    thanks all for the birthday wishes
  4. cant get in bud server not working
  5. StanG

    I am with pink on this one been playing here for 10 yrs and its never been this bad with tubes . the skill and team work has gone from the game . we HAVE TUBES, PANZERS, and other rockets in the game why do with need all theses take out the multi tube and just have 1 shot panzers thats it . BRING BACK THE TEAM WORK AND SKILL BACK TO COD 4 , O AND BY THE WAY PINGLO U CAN GO FUCK Y0URSELF WITH THE TUBE !!! NO SKILLED FUCK
  6. Hope all ours xi family in Belgium are safe and well
  7. StanG

    Thanks all for the birthday wishes , just got back from Florida . Cant believe i am 50
  8. can u thro in fart house in there too ?
  9. StanG

  10. if the lag is caused by to many players on the server , high pings and to much going on just make 2 20 player servers ?
  11. tried shutting down and rejoining , but still slow speed
  12. Trying to down load new maps and they are dl at blow 100k , i normally get 1.5 meg , maps are taking 1 hr to down load . use to take about 1 minute t