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  1. terracyrax

    i plan on playing the beta and preordering it for the ps4
  2. terracyrax

    I know i am getting it
  3. terracyrax

    does anyone have a ps4 or destiny for ps4 if so feel free to add me terravrtra
  4. terracyrax

    >_< thanks everyone
  5. terracyrax

    i loved her as dot matrix from spaceballs
  6. terracyrax

    happy birthday prinny
  7. terracyrax

    i almost wanna say the original Heavy metal movie but i know i am wrong lol as for me i am listening to
  8. terracyrax

    i well some time down the road the car is at my dads right now
  9. terracyrax

    my first car was one my dad had that i fixed up a 69 hemi cuda that finnally died the wireing burned out so now i have a 05 toyota corolla the cuda pic is not my car looked like it but never really took a pick of it was a good ass car
  10. wait theres something out there that sucks worse then hxtr?
  11. sorry if this is in the wrong spot but eh last night in the xi hide and seeker server we had a few people being very disrespectful to me and xi clan well it got so bad i messaged ripple to come look well thanks to him the problem has been delt with but this is not about that.this is about all the hard work all the admins do the work sitting and even rugger does i've been a admin before and i know it is stressful doing all this and sometimes not getting a ty or hell even a FU lol, So i wanna say thanks to all u people for ur hardwork i know we all make ur lives a living hell cause we love u. so if i miss any admins i appologize so here we go ty to ripple p!nk cobrabites sitting rugger nitro panda bear u make this clan a true family keep up the good work oh and i have to know nitro who did u blow to become a admin =P GO GO TEAM XI!!!!!!!
  12. ac 130 and the sentry guns but my super fav is ac 130 just love the look of it
  13. terracyrax

    oh my babe bring it i'd go down for u anytime >_>
  14. terracyrax


    yeah get back on giggles so i can shoot u some more =P
  15. terracyrax

    pfft bring it on nisty u won't get anywhere near me muwhahahahaha.



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