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    Hunting, fishing, camping, traveling, with an occasional beer or whiskey thrown in!

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  1. Sparkshunt

    I to am a retired electrician. Industrial, commercial, residential, and maintenance. Don't work at anything now, just camping, hunting, fishing, and gardening.
  2. Sparkshunt

    Here is a newer version. Shoots real nice!
  3. Sparkshunt

    Sorry to hear this buddy!! I hope to take advantage of your current situation, and maybe get a few more kills on you. Arrrr, Dman the pirate lol.
  4. Sparkshunt

    Loved the story my friend! Especially the end lol.
  5. Sparkshunt

    Hey buddy! Nice to see you on the forums. I too enjoy growing things in my small veggie garden. The wife and I love Sweet 100's, like eatin candy!!
  6. Hey man! Where the hell you been, we all are missing you.

  7. Sparkshunt

    It's about time pal!! Welcome, you know I'll be giving you a hard time.....lol
  8. Sparkshunt

    Welcome sir!!
  9. Sparkshunt

    I worked in a prison in Carson City, Nevada. Our maintenance shop was in a very old prison right next door, which closed in 2012. Nevada State Prison, established 1860. First legal gas chamber in the US, but they also used the electric chair, hangings, and lethal injections. So, lots of executions, murders, and old age deaths. I worked a couple of days alone in the death chamber and would just ask the spirits to leave me alone, which they did. I've seen lots of light streaks, mere feet away from me. Seen many orbs as well. A couple of movies have been filmed there. An Innocent Man, starring Tom Seleck. With some real inmates as part of the movie. And another recent one, The Mustang Movie, with Bruce Dern. I've a few pictures on this computer with light streaks, see if I can find them
  10. Sparkshunt

    Hey buddy! Welcome to the forums, I have great fun on FT gaming with you!
  11. Sparkshunt

    Hello, and welcome!
  12. Sparkshunt

    What a great little Thanksgiving excursion! Thanks
  13. Sparkshunt

    Welcome and see you in game!
  14. Sparkshunt

    I didn't know you are a sparkie like me! Knew there was a reason I liked you - lol
  15. If they are legal to own in your state, I suggest a Taurus Judge. Some states consider them a sawed off shotgun, so won't allow you to have one! But, you can shoot special .410 rounds that have lead disc's and backed with buckshot. Or you can shoot 45 Long Colt. Much more compact then any shottie, and you don't need to rack a round since it's a revolver!
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