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    Hunting, fishing, camping, traveling, with an occasional beer or whiskey thrown in!

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  1. Sparkshunt

    I don't know, going to have to think about it!! Hey buddy, welcome to the forums!
  2. Sparkshunt

    Watch out where the huskies go-and don't you eat that yellow snow! "Frank Zappa"
  3. Sparkshunt

    hey Baba welcome! see you in game.
  4. Sparkshunt

    Sure, wait for the check in the mail!
  5. Sparkshunt

    Hello southern neighbor! I live in Sparks, which is right next to Reno. Even though it seems close, it's about a seven hour drive. If you ever head up this way I'd be glad to meet a fellow idiot and have a beer. Welcome to Ne-Va-Dah not Ne-Vah-Da! lol
  6. Sparkshunt

    Hey Larry welcome! You've always been a great teammate as well an adversary . See you in game!
  7. Sparkshunt

    The landscapers that dug the hole installed them. Compacted base gravel first, then laser leveled pavers. Would imagine it's much easier than finishing concrete that's 2 feet below grade. They will be back to do more area pavers soon.
  8. Sparkshunt

    No it wasn’t! But it was about a grand cheaper because they pulled into the side yard and could use a “smaller” crane.
  9. Sparkshunt

    Copy that! Come on by.
  10. Sparkshunt

    Flying swim spa you say! After enjoying our doughboy pool for the last 18 years, we gave it to some friends. It’s been replaced by a brand new swim spa. Got to admit, it sure takes the ache out of these old bones!
  11. Sparkshunt

    I to am a retired electrician. Industrial, commercial, residential, and maintenance. Don't work at anything now, just camping, hunting, fishing, and gardening.
  12. Sparkshunt

    Here is a newer version. Shoots real nice!
  13. Sparkshunt

    Sorry to hear this buddy!! I hope to take advantage of your current situation, and maybe get a few more kills on you. Arrrr, Dman the pirate lol.
  14. Sparkshunt

    Loved the story my friend! Especially the end lol.
  15. Sparkshunt

    Hey buddy! Nice to see you on the forums. I too enjoy growing things in my small veggie garden. The wife and I love Sweet 100's, like eatin candy!!
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