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  1. Sparkshunt

    To answer you Weednfeed, there are quite a few less deer on the ranch since I last hunted there in 2017. The fields use to grow alfalfa just from snow and rain, but not anymore. Rancher has to buy feed at a large expense. Anyway, less food, smaller antler growth.
  2. Just got back last night and had a great hunt! Nothing of trophy caliber, but three nice drought bucks. We also killed a couple of bonus turkeys. Tired, but so much cold fun.
  3. Sparkshunt

    I am really partial to the Sparky!
  4. Sparkshunt

    Welcome sir! I've gamed with you in the past, and you are a top competitor! See you in game.
  5. Sparkshunt

    This is my harvest! I don’t have anywhere near the size of your garden, I still manage to grow around 180 plants. More of a fun hobby. Elephant, California and the largest portion was originally smuggled in from Italy!
  6. Agree with Elvis, Canal 2 is corrupted, take 10 minutes to load!
  7. Sparkshunt

    Hard to get a straight answer from this bunch of clowns! Out west mule deer hunting we never use them. Sorry, not much help with your question.
  8. Love it when great peps get promotions!!!
  9. Sparkshunt

    Welcome fellow idiot! See you in game.
  10. it is a 30 cal, just less powder. As far as it shooting faster than an MG, its got a much shorter stroke. Like a fully auto Glock, cycle rate is super fast. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Sparkshunt

    I don't know, going to have to think about it!! Hey buddy, welcome to the forums!
  12. Sparkshunt

    Watch out where the huskies go-and don't you eat that yellow snow! "Frank Zappa"
  13. Sparkshunt

    hey Baba welcome! see you in game.
  14. Sparkshunt

    Sure, wait for the check in the mail!
  15. Sparkshunt

    Hello southern neighbor! I live in Sparks, which is right next to Reno. Even though it seems close, it's about a seven hour drive. If you ever head up this way I'd be glad to meet a fellow idiot and have a beer. Welcome to Ne-Va-Dah not Ne-Vah-Da! lol
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