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  1. Scrapper

    I get the IWP3 error message when I get booted from XI server. No problem in other servers that arent PB enabled. Thanks!
  2. Scrapper

    @@BUDMAN ill get on TS tonight, itll probably be fairly late! @@BlackRose I had my PC wiped clean last week. i tried some other fixes before I saw the Legacy install so I think I probably messed it up beyond repair. I think Ill just delete everything and redownload from Steam
  3. Scrapper

    @@BUDMAN It didn't work. Are you still in Jax?
  4. Scrapper

    I'm having troubles too. This is really frustrating Ive updated video and sound drivers, turned off the Steam overlay, changed the sound settings,, downloaded all the PB stuff in the Downloads section. Nothing is working...
  5. Any takers on some barn kitties?

    1. KillerKitty


      i would, but i live in germany...;)

  6. Somehow I ended up in the Steelers only side of the parking lot......go Jags :)

  7. Looks good! Nice job Sally
  8. Food truckin' at the Bacon festival

  9. My top commercials list so far:Silverado BullRadio shack 80'sDoritos time machine. It's a work in progress :) .............

  10. Scrapper

    Hey Gassy...happy humping!!
  11. Scrapper

    Here's the baby thats been hanging around my house. She has a twin and their spots are just beginning to fade.
  12. Scrapper

    Thanks for the animal clinic Boomboom! You da' man
  13. Scrapper

    MOHAA back in 2002. Alot of the maps we play in cod4 are old remakes from allied assault, spearhead and breakthrough...**hint hint*** we should have a MOH map only weekend sometime soon
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