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Asking 4 prayers

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2 hours ago, Giggles said:

So after speaking with my Dr she has info me the reason for my heart problem is cuz of to much stress for to long so I have to undo some stress .... Good Lucky  

Maybe- if you don't already- make a conscious decision to, what I like to call, set your intentions every morning.  Perhaps start by listening to this first thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pppexz-KKig

I make an effort to control what I hear, see, smell (occasional incense), taste (breakfast), & feel every morning to set my mood to be as positive as possible & help in my periodic resolve -to a greater or lesser extent- to establish & maintain a positive mindset to apply to any incoming stimuli over the day.  Positive self-talk is important also, for me, throughout the day.  Don't know what your internal dialogue is, but many peoples', about themselves, the outside world & their relationship to these things imbues their reality more negatively than is healthy.  Intention, attention, resolve, perspective... it's work, but like the current program, becomes more automatic with practice.

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