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COD4 Ban Appeal

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This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all.

What server were you banned from?: >XI< MW2 Freezetag 146b9
When did you get banned?: It was long time ago over 2-3 years
What was your in-game name?: Kyniek[PL]
What is your game GUID (if known): idk
Why do you think you were banned?:

Like i good remember it was because i was few times outside the maps . I just installed cod4 and want to bring back memories of this server :0

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After A lengthy discussion with the admin team we have decided to lift the ban. You need to follow the CODE OF CONDUCT as everyone else .

XI is an adult clan with no prohibitions on use of language except for two primary rules: no racist remarks, and no personal attacks. You need to check your sensitive feelings at the door when you come here: if you don't like it, don't look at it or don't comment on it. If you believe someone has broken one of our rules, let an admin know and we will take action as needed. We also do not tolerate cheating or disrespect by members or guests, and insist on good sportsmanship. Violations can lead to permanent bans. We play for fun, we play with honor, and we strive to treat each other with respect and consideration. No one, member or guest, is above our Code.

There will be no second chances, next infaction will result in a permanent BAN!!



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