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Johnny dos

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OMG. I am so sad about this sad news. with jonnydos, 2manybeers, bigmeandean, tithead, etc. that was my first time on your server, waw dm custom. We had a lot of fun. I had to laugh so much. that will be remembered forever.
Prayers to his family and friends R.I.P. Johnny


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I truly am sorry to hear this news.

I haven't been able to visit the site (apart from briefly logging on) or play much for the last few months myself, so I only stumbled across this sad news today.

When I first started to play on the idiots servers years ago, Johnny, along with a few others was the first clan mate that I talked to, being at first very 'mike shy'.

I used to be pleased as punch if he saw me in game and called out 'hi Johnny Tams!......believe me I felt as though I was accepted...and it meant a lot.

Although I never met Johnny, I felt I knew him and I mourn his passing.

Sleep well my cyber friend.

Your friend

John Tams-Chris Casson.

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Although I've been absent from XI for the last few months, I frequently messaged Johnny on the forums. He was a great guy. I looked at my profile tonight for the first time in over a year, and I noticed that Johnny was the last person to view it on December 26th of last year. When I saw the news I was shocked.

RIP Johnny

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