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  1. ripplexi

    wd blue
  2. ripplexi

    ok its downloaded
  3. ripplexi

    ill D/L team viewer when i get back home. have to go take this junk ssd back to micro center.
  4. ripplexi

    i did all that and still cant play. i may have done it wrong or something
  5. ripplexi

    now pb wont let me play and i cant figure out how to get it updated. pbsetup is not working
  6. ripplexi

    thank you. just got done building it
  7. ripplexi

    can i use a SSD alone or does it have to be used in conjunction with a HDD ?
  8. ripplexi

    oh i think that would run it just fine
  9. ripplexi

    just got back home with my new gamer. now i just have to build it
  10. ripplexi

    ill be back up and running pretty soon i hope. just waiting on taxes to hit my acct
  11. ripplexi

    yeah 10 yrs. its the one i built when i first got into xi. im not sure what im gonna do for my next one yet. still looking up everything
  12. ripplexi

    after 10 years of service. its finally had enough. my computer is dead. hopefully building a new one within a week or so.
  13. ripplexi

    i ended up worse off then the bike. i already got that back in order and looking almost new again. now its just sitting there all lonely and stuff waiting on me to heal up
  14. i got into a motorcycle accident Saturday night. broke my left hand. and lots of road rash. with a broken hand gaming is on hold for a while
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