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    Computers and Networking. I have an Advanced Duel Degree of Applied Science in Computer Networking "as well as " Information Technology. But by far DO NOT know everything like my friends think I do, they just use me for my skills...lol! Although I am rated in the TOP 3 Computer Specialists in My Town...Kudododo's For Me...lol... I am also a Beta Tester for Microsoft... Currently I am Testing...Windows 10.

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    i98centyo-You can keep tha two centz fur yourself!

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  1. you are now blocked


  2. STFU no one asked for your stupid ass opinion! you dumb fuck!
  3. i am trying to delete my profile where do i go?
  4. where do i go to delete my profile on this website?
  5. where do i go to delete my profile on this website?


  6. where do i go to delete my profile on this website?


    1. dadda2


      which one your original or this one


  7. where on this website do i go to delete my account


  8. Don't care for your opinion! keep it!
  9. i98centyo

    How many people think that users should be reprimanded once and if it happens again then a BAN? You are cutting yourselves short of very good people if you do not vote "YES"
  10. YOU ARE AN IDIOT FOR REAL! WORDS HAVE DIFFERENT MEANINGS! Why nor reprimand someone rather than ban them!? Maybe it is because you are scared, but that can be fixed with a little money and a good therapist!
  11. Bye I will just go now!


  12. Hey ! Welcome I am a banned user for no reason!


  13. See I am right!


  14. Hey I want to come kill you but I cant and now I am sad!


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