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  1. stradler

    Hey Eddie, Welcome to the server....Seen you on the battle field a few times now (always good to have a fellow English reprobate on the server!!!
  2. stradler

    hey welcome t the forums!!!
  3. stradler

    welcome see you on the battlefield!!!
  4. stradler

    Hi Buddychrist, nice intro and awesome film reference!!!
  5. stradler

    Welcome to the forums, see you on the battlefield!!!
  6. stradler

    welcome back...
  7. stradler

    Holy shit mate that sucks, hope you have good news on the leg...Stay strong and speedy recovery, all the best!!!
  8. stradler

    Welcome to the forums.....see you out there
  9. stradler

    Ha ha Sensei you crazy fool...Welcome!!
  10. stradler

    Hi and welcome to the family
  11. stradler

    Welcome to the Forums....See you out there!!!
  12. stradler

    Yes agree totally...the constant hopping of some players does seem to relate to their extremely high scores, when compared to others who are playing fairly. Like the idea of the gun jamming idea!!!
  13. stradler

    Hi fellow brexitier!!! See you out there!!!
  14. stradler

    welcome to the forums
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