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  1. Hey Yacc, NeosET & I have just upgraded to MacOS Big Sur and COD 4 is not working. Do you know if we need to source a patch or upgrade, your the IT guru!!

    Cheers, Stradler

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    2. stradler


      Thanks Yacc looks like our COD 4 days are doomed...Guess we'll have to upgrade our version of COD too!!

    3. stradler


      Sorry to be a pain but is there not any other freeze tag for Cod 5 or Black ops 3 coming?

      Otherwise we'll have to look at your previous advice, only been a day and getting cold turkey!!!

    4. YACCster
  2. stradler

    About fucking time buddy...Get those XI tags on biatch!!!
  3. stradler

    Nice one Josh, congratulations to you and your other half...So we may seeing less of you then!! Good luck
  4. stradler

    Welcome MO FO!!!!
  5. stradler

    For fucks sake, the reputation of the Clan seems to dwindle by the day..But your good for a laugh Twit, so Welcome!!!
  6. stradler

    Bloody well, letting anyone in now.... Hi NG4 see you again on the battlefield
  7. stradler

    Hey welcome Biggie, good to have another English Idiot in the Clan!! See you on the battlefield!!
  8. Rob, Thanks for the latest medal...not sure if you  have the right person though!!!

    1. RobMc


      Oh yes, will give you more later lol

  9. stradler

    Really....can't seem to get rid of you and now it's official!!!
  10. stradler

    Damn Yaccster you too...Bloody blackjack, sucks you in then spits you out!!! (never swallows?)
  11. stradler

    Nice one!!!
  12. stradler

    Hey Eddie, Welcome to the server....Seen you on the battle field a few times now (always good to have a fellow English reprobate on the server!!!
  13. stradler

    hey welcome t the forums!!!
  14. stradler

    welcome see you on the battlefield!!!
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