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  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Xistance

    Thanks a lot guys for helping I did a little cleaning up of my pc and then re-entered my key code again and bam it worked so thanks for taking your time to try and help I appreciate it a lot.
  3. Xistance

    Hey peeps, I am having trouble getting into my COD4 game as everytime I try to go into game it say "Keycode in use try again later"? I don't know what is going on if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this beside smashing my pc and throwing it out the window please help...Lol TIA..
  4. Xistance

    Thanks TheLastColdBeer I have had an awesome day
  5. Xistance

    WOW guys and gals thankyou so much for the Birthday wishes it means a lot. I promise to have a drink for each of you lol
  6. Ping is great on new server thanks guys
  7. Xistance

    :thumbsup:Thankyou guys for the warm welcome. Cheers peeps
  8. Thanks Nitro now my ping on the servers are around 500ish very bad don't know if it is the connection i have or something going on?
  9. My ping is weird somedays its is high 250 some days its low 300's got me buggered why? lol
  10. Xistance

    bahahaha that's a classic! Dead soldiers everywhere!
  11. Xistance

    R.I.P Bowie
  12. Xistance

    Bahahahaha that is too funny. And spooky at the same time
  13. Xistance

    That is awesome Harry! Well done! I am a smoker and think ocassionally I would like to give up BUT I enjoy it so damn much which I know is the habbit lol but one day I will.
  14. Xistance

    Welcome to the forums Pia
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