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  1. I couldn't get in to play today - but was there in spirit. Our prayers are with Sandra and family. RIP Dadda
  2. Wow. I follow along when I can and have been offline for a few months. I loved chatting with Dadda and I’ll say prayers for him and for your family Sandra I never met him but he was always fun and a great guy online. He will be remembered and missed here in Texas.
  3. sam-i-am

    Happy BirthdayZ peeps.
  4. sam-i-am

    MeowY!!! Hope yo have a great birthday!!
  5. I am available to play - you know - me. If anyone needs another player, @sam-i-am or something someone? anyone? Bueller? I usually play with the Dutch, but Canadians and maybe 'muricans ok...
  6. sam-i-am

    Welcome aboard!
  7. Wow that's awesome! I don'y know which one is you WildThing Thanks for sharing amigo HULK out!
  8. sam-i-am

    I am really sorry to hear of your loss. Cobra was awesome and we spent a lot of hours together online. If you need anything don't hesitate to email me directly. You will be in our prayers.
  9. sam-i-am

    Hi Wild, I will definitely say a prayer for you and your family. If you need anything, drop me a note. Not much can be said, other than I am happy to know you - and always enjoy the banter -- I am sure you have always been charismatic and a real and positive influence for all those you care for. Here's hoping you find peace.
  10. sam-i-am

    Trump joined XI yea baby! lol Details of Trump-Xi Meeting at Mar-a-Lago - The New York Times https://apple.news/AqNMEYTzBSPmOMYasfhAw8w
  11. sam-i-am

    Happy Birthday Pete - sorry I didn't realize it - but good times.... Sending the vibes your way.
  12. sam-i-am

    Definitely would get off of 8.x as it was rife with problems.
  13. sam-i-am

    Yea Happy birthday - I will send you a SmAW tomorrow - hope it was good.
  14. sam-i-am

    Awesomeness! I was out last week and this is a great way to return Danger, Danger Will Robinson - Idiot on the loose. Thanks again everyone - and special thanks to my sponsors - and all those that killed me over the years - and you Admins that booted me so many, many times - I am still here I appreciate the votes of confidence and perhaps we will all meet - one day, off the battlefield.... Peacetime is over .... Cya out there!
  15. sam-i-am




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