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  1. Looks like the French been in space more often!
  2. Oh I feel something warm alright.... Oops, time to clean myself again!
  3. Have a great Christmas!
  4. Grats on the tags! What did you do to get them...test some maps or something?
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. I found it out as well ingame. Renamed it indeed, rebooted and it stopped
  7. Is it possible to disable the "music" that is playing in some of the cod maps? Just quitted a map because it has metallica on. Nothing wrong with metallica but the same fckign song over and over again drives me nuts lol. I thought I heard someone say one day that it is possible to disable it.... I find it fucking annoying!
  8. FU Dukoo...just accusing clan members at having sex with each other to justify your sexual relationship with @Predat0r. Shame on you!
  10. I want a new tent. The one I have now ia not musquito proof and distracts me from shooting you all. @TheHammer wants a bigger box of tissues because the crying ragequits increased rapidly last weeks. @WildPenguin wants a new house, located where they DO live in the Californian timezone. @Predat0r should want a new bind because his 'smawsome' one is getting old!
  11. Welcome