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  1. I produce that colours every week on a hangover sunday but you don't see me bragging about it on the forum
  2. Welcome to the forums
  3. Omg... @pigloo0o0oooo....nooooooooooo!!!!!!
  4. Ye he got a wife and a little daughter (about 5 years old)
  5. Love doc and love his stream. Glad he got back online today
  6. Just piss off @Roxy! once and you will learn the entire Spanish vocabulary, including some strong words!
  7. Welcome to the forums
  8. This worked for me, back in 2007 or so
  9. Hell yea, the Dutch invasion continues! Welcome to the forums
  10. Uninstall. Would improve your k/d ratio tho..
  11. What game? Heads up poker?
  12. Jup, thats a hacker...congrats man!
  13. Welcome to the forums
  14. Was wondering how preparing a cordon blue could get two pages of replies. Either the finished product must have been absolutely Godmode, or some idiot must have gone berserk. Already thought it would be the second one (no offense @Timmah!, the meat looks amazing). @noobiedo, in all this time of being the ultra pro sous master michelin mega chef, did you ever found a way to grow your own balls? Cause you're certainly lacking some. Shut up or get lost.
  15. So it's the perfect channel for you, you old fart