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  1. So, now it has been a year already since I joined this bunch of idiots. And as a tribute, here is a little rhyme to utter my feelings towards you morons After getting in the Teamspeak channel and greeting everyone with a burp, I recieve the greetings back at me, some with a little disturb. Only @Timmah! compliments me on the loaded gass: ‘Damn that was a beauty!’ And after that is over and done, it is time to play some call of duty. A hacking Belgium dog on top of the scoreboard, complaining about not getting a nuke And @Neo's Evil Twin giving intel with the proper class of a Duke. I know I’ll kick some ass in here, and make some people cry, Time to set up camp, crack a beer and shoot everyone in the eye! From the ragequitting of @TheHammer, to the high pitched scream of @Roxy! Or the complaining of @KillerKitty and @Predat0r, who seem glued together with epoxy All the whining and insulting, aimed at my adress, I just wanted to let you fockers know, I really couldn’t care less! You may not like my gaming style, and I may not like yours. But if you keep on crying about it, just compare our scores. After winning yet another game, it never gets too cheesy, To end it with an ‘F you all’, this game was freaking EASY! I love the bitching, love and drama that goes on in this real life soap. From kicking and banning to loving and in some cases giving hope. And sure there is an arguement, every now and then. But what I found out in this past year; damn I love this clan! So thank you all for a great time and I hope many years are yet to come. And my insincere apologies, If this rhyme offended some. And without dissapointing you all, like an easy crap that suddenly got chunky. I can’t end this rhyme without a shout out to: The Dutch Mafia and @FUNky! F you all and shoot ya later!
  2. Next time, try to put the camera IN the soup. That way, we can have the full experience
  3. @Wardogs411 is that you??
  4. Big brother? You're my aunt? Wait whaaaat? Confused now!
  5. Well, it's Friday the 13th here! Time to stand still by you getting another year older you ftart! Will stop my painkillers after today so tomorrow I will have several drinks on you getting even older! (51 folks!) Hope you enjoy your day, with lots of drinks, women (my mom is grounded for three days just to keep her safe), music, good company and everything else you like! Congratulations bud!
  6. Welcome!
  7. We don't wanna know what you're pulling there Timmah...... OT: Beterschap pikkie!
  8. And talk about tomatoes out of fcking nowhere which are growing on your balcony. Yellow ones and cherrytomatoes. Also tell the superrrrr exciting story about how two tomatoes fell of your balcony. Keep yabbing on and on about it together with @Ripper and you'll be that douchebag player indeed F you chile! <3
  9. It's hard to understand my way of playing and it may take you quite some time to get to understand it. Therefor, I will try and explain as clear as possible how you master my gaming style a.s.a.p, though not everyone is capable of learning this.. Step 1. You spawn. Step 2. Find a nice piece of grass, put up a tent and lay inside it (behind a wall is more preferable!) Might wanna ask a teammate to help set it up. Step 3. Wait untill the game ends. Good luck!
  10. Indeed it does. Matter of time before I end up giving away roses Thanks kitty! Greetings, Jordan
  11. Don't be a pussy dad with your wine! You're welcome anytime for a decent glass of beer
  12. Being drunk the next upcomming days. Just got the news I finally graduated my bachelors degree in (psychiatric) nursing. It's a four year study but with all the shit that went down in my life for the past three years it took me six years to complete it, which makes it a great relieve of finally finishing it now! So if I give some strange intel, or being inarticulate, or falling asleep in game while camping.... I'm sorry and f you! Now off for the first beer!
  13. I never feel comfortable around you on teamspeak. I don't blame @RANDALL if he doesn't either! Popsicle?