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    Running, football, skiing, work (believe it or not) and all kind of developments regarding psychiatric care, pharmacy etc.

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  1. Jeroen v.2

    Thanks for the efforts @Ruggerxi. Too bad the zombie server is shutting down. Would go in there from time to time hoping any of my XI friends would joine me. Unfortunately, the resemblance with real life is too big and even here I didn't have friends to play Was fun playing it with a decent group!
  2. Jeroen v.2

    Weird, short and inconclusive intro but welcome to the forums, I guess?
  3. Jeroen v.2

    Welcome man! Glad to have you. Even though you still suck at the game, you're a cool cuy with a great fapcellar (excuse me, mancave) that even would the biggest pervert @Timmah! proud! Welcome!
  4. Jeroen v.2

    Also something to be proud about. Whenever you beat me at my own invented 'passing stomach gasses with a maxed out decibel performance', I get mad as well. It's kinda typical to bring out the racism cart by them. 'Do they think all Moroccans cause trouble?' Just be the bigger man/woman and blow that fellow passenger away with one big ass Kamehameha like fart that nobody ever seen/smelled/felt/experienced before!
  5. Jeroen v.2

    Sobbing with pride here....
  6. Jeroen v.2

    Different picture, but same response tho! Grats crim
  7. Jeroen v.2

    This is my simulator of choice, specially for the weekends. Just as loud as my ex but way cheaper to maintain and it lets me play my videogames so I guess Im the lucky one in the end!
  8. Jeroen v.2

    All jokes aside, he used to be a pretty active visitor on the forums. Crazy as he was, loved the guy and I even begin to wonder where he is at now...
  9. Jeroen v.2

    F you boom! 🖕 And all the best to ya ofcourse
  10. Jeroen v.2

    Come in @FUNky, over! Gggrhegzgherrrrrr... Come in @FUNky, over!
  11. Jeroen v.2

    Now I know why you suck at cod. Can't even hold a phone steady Cool clips tho!
  12. Jeroen v.2

    And if you add the option 'I got drunk drinking beer/wine/liquor (circle your drink of choice) and since Im a little prick that can't handle grown ups beverages I missbehaved and got banned' That way, it'll cover 99.9% of the ban appeals