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  1. Can't he be both?
  2. Got Buck a.k.a. 'hacking camping s of a b' again for a week. So get ready for some more ragequits and ban appeals! Cheers all and have a good weekend
  3. It is a wedding...between two people. People who had a coffee this morning and took a huge crap, just like me. Why the hell would you wanna watch that.
  4. That's why @Wardogs411 is so quiet lately..
  5. Welcome to the forums! Watch out for ^
  6. Awesome video @StormCrow! Very sweet to see you lived up your dream! And you're a lot less sucky working that guitar, than you are with the SMAW! Nice man!
  7. Still got my tantrums you focker!
  8. Wine/wisky/fristi/tea with pink, yihaaa
  9. Beers with pink, hell yeaaaa
  10. Is there a little cash reserved within XI to bail people out when they get into trouble? Just asking..if not, I might to save up some extra cash
  11. Welcome to the forums!
  12. Hey sarge made me get into my tent when I complained about the cold. Had to stay in there for 3 days tho and had to redo the assignment (2 day march) again, but then solo. But was a lot warmer
  13. But then again...there are some totally fcked up maps. Usually I sit a map out. But if after 3h of sittinng out crap maps, yet another pops up (constant rock music, stormy sound or filled with glitches) people get sick of it and want a decent map (not blaming any). You suck at each map so you don't care what map you play
  14. Welcome to the forums!