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  1. Too lazy to take a screenshot, that's next level laziness Bammetje
  2. Dayumm, @babyback doing something good?? Nice one
  3. And @wildthing still can't hit an elephant if it was sitting on his nose....imagine
  4. What a bloody trustworthy site as well. Remember to fold your tinfoil hat properly or the aliens will get you.....
  5. I got what you were trying to say/post. No worries....
  6. Cause I didnt find the clips funny, and they were posted as funny, so I was confused. Thats all
  7. Would you also ask that if I replied with a laughing emoticon?
  8. Asked a few months back and had no reply, but is there any chance mine will be put up someday? Getting my internet back this friday and I wanna pewpew on some good maps. Nothing wrong with this rotation though, @babyback being a beech.
  9. Just bought it through steam, gonna be a blast
  10. Got room for my rotation somehwere in the upcomming weeks?
  11. Busted! Look at how scared you look at 5:45...gotcha! Loved the hat though and hope to meet soon again! BUUUUUUUURP
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