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  1. AstarRN

    Happy Anniversary!!!!
  2. AstarRN

    Happy Belated Birthday Janey....I hope you had a great day!!!
  3. AstarRN

    Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!! I hope it was a blast
  4. AstarRN

  5. AstarRN

    That is so awesome Yellow!!! Congratulations!!!!
  6. AstarRN

    I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers as well as your medical team. If you need anything, questions...etc. please don't hesitate. I think I had shared with you that Leukemia/Cancer is one of the areas I specialize and am chemo certified as well. It takes great collaboration to overcome the complications of a transplant. My best advice is this: Take a notebook with you to the hospital. Write down any questions, doctors that visit with names as well as their recommendations and plan for you. Even when you don't feel like it, still do it. By you being treated at a University Hospital, I can only assume that this institution is a teaching hospital which is great but you will encounter many professionals and you need to keep straight who says what. Sometimes you get mixed signals which is unintentional but helps if you know who told you what. I also encourage you to journal day to day your progression, thoughts and feelings. Be sure to include the tinniest improvement as this battle will not be won overnight and time can be a very frustrating thing. Do not rush home. If they tell you that you need to stay, then stay. Trust me when I tell you that hospitals/insurance won't let you be there any longer than is necessary. Educate your famiy as to what to expect. Take a laptop, ipad etc. Take anything that you enjoy doing to help pass the time. Make an online account to your cable company as most channels have downloadable movies and shows esp if you subscribe to like HBO etc. After your transplant be sure to wear a mask when you leave your room. Walk the halls multiple times a day to help keep your strength up. Being in bed will suck that right out of you quickly otherwise. If you don't like the food, have someone bring things in for you. I know our unit have a special food prep area with patient fridge and cabinetry for this very thing. I wish you well on your journey.
  7. AstarRN

    Take a hotdog and spit in quarters long ways then into small pieces. Take the dog to where it is just you and him. Then when he isn't looking your direction say his name. Each time he makes eye contact after you say his name, give him a piece of hotdog. All my dogs purebred and strays have always learned their name within one session. Congratulations and kudos for blessing this dog with the love and safety he deserves.
  8. AstarRN

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes guys and gals. @>XI< Hot damn...Note to self...must plan a trip to the Carribean
  9. AstarRN

  10. AstarRN

    Happy Birthday Jack!!!!
  11. AstarRN

    PMS much...what a douche...Awesome Sig Google ... you can make a sig for me anytime darlin'
  12. AstarRN

    Congratulations....She is absolutely beautiful!!!!
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