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  1. KicknDatAzz

    Rock on!
  2. KicknDatAzz

  3. KicknDatAzz

    sweet! A friend OF MINE in high school did the same to to an El CaMINO. LOL
  4. KicknDatAzz

    Enjoy yourself. The weather just got milder here, most of the humidity is gone. It actually feels like fall.
  5. KicknDatAzz

  6. KicknDatAzz

    just... WOW. Beautiful country. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Cancer sucks, I lost my Mom to it recently. I am so glad you and your family got to spend this time with him and create those memories. Hope you are doing well, brother!
  7. KicknDatAzz

    Not sure how long you have been here, but that shit has been going on for YEARS... lol
  8. LOL I can tell I have been off the servers awhile. Never heard of any of those names before.
  9. KicknDatAzz

    yeah, that's not good....
  10. I say more power to 'em. Who wouldn't want to do that for a living? It's not just chicks, I saw guys on there too.
  11. KicknDatAzz

    LOL Hammer, we know better than to click on your links anymore.
  12. KicknDatAzz

    Last time I saw a case like that they ditched the fans and submerged the whole thing in mineral oil LOL
  13. KicknDatAzz

    I had absolutely no issues with the second shot. My arm was barely sore.
  14. KicknDatAzz

    Im down
  15. KicknDatAzz

    LOL an oldie but a goodie. Huevos Grande!
  16. just ..... wow. Is he serious or just trolling us? LOL
  17. KicknDatAzz

    well someone like Quora..... lol
  18. KicknDatAzz

  19. KicknDatAzz

    sweet! nice job ladies!
  20. KicknDatAzz

    To me it sounds like you want to use something like Macrium Reflect to clone your HD. I used it myself and it was very easy. Here's a link that explains how to use it and extend the partition (IMPORTANT) on the larger drive when you clone it. This should take about 30 min or so with a decent pc. You dont have to mess with naming it, as it will become C when you boot from it. Go into BIOS or BOOT menu to change to the larger drive once it has been cloned. https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-clone-a-hard-drive
  21. KicknDatAzz

    Rock on, Brother!
  22. KicknDatAzz

  23. KicknDatAzz

    I haven't played on the MW2 server in forever so I am not sure what the current situation is. What Painkiller said above used to be the case. If you can be shot it isn't a glitch afaik. That said, I ditched the MW2 servers long ago for many of those reasons you mentioned. Not fun anymore with all the toxicity. I do not envy ANY of these admins who get to police our servers. lol
  24. KicknDatAzz

    we had almost a foot of sunshine yesterday
  25. KicknDatAzz

    ROFL well that's not symbolic of anything...
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