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The game comes out on October 25th and according to leaks and rumors the 16th-19th of July may reveal the gameplay. 

Reddit post full of leaks so far Here

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- You can change the weapon's look with attachments / body parts for the gun

- You can turn some AR's into SMG

- Riot shield comes back with a flashlight (not a strobe light)

- Weapon list leaked

- the gameplay in modern warfare is very fluid

- War mode from ww2 along with 15 concepted modes on top of the regular modes are in the game but are not complete

- There are 15 maps in total NOT including the large ones, these are something else, you can call in a tank on these maps.

- there is a new game where you are in a prison and everyone in the game will be in a jail cell, & people will fight 1v1 with fists. The winner is going to be awarded a gun. This is all very early concept stuff" its called "fight club"

- Face off comes back (1v1 / 2v2) TGR hinted that one of the maps is shipment.


- There are 18 operators at minimum in the game.  minimum does this mean that we can have more 32-40-64?


- New cyber attack gamemode

- Gun perks are coming back gun perks, rechargeable skills and perks are all leaked here

- There is a rechargeable skill system in the game ,one of the examples tgr has given was a trophy system the charges similar to specialist ability, rechargeable skills are nowhere near as powerful as specialist weapons.

- There is a new pick 5 system within the game

- The game has a 3 hit combo system, right hook, left hook, and right elbow.

- Most if not all medium sized maps in MW are going to be 3 lane but infinity ward are trying to mix things up so they offer a lot of elevation in these maps. .

- There is a good variety between large, medium and small maps

- Maps in modern warfare will have day and night variants, in the night variants you must use your night vision goggles, Victor also said night vision goggles is a crucial part of the game so that explains why.

- Every night variant of a map is pitch black, you are required to use night vision, but you can also use tricks like tossing a Molotov near the enemy to blind them, you cannot ADS when you are using the NVG's, you only have a laser sight. there are power switches around the night maps allows you to turn on nearby light sources, offering a more tactical experience and more replay value as every night variant plays differently to its daylight variant.

- it takes forever to scope with snipers. Even with attachments, it's apparently still really slow. This is something that could easily be changed by launch.

- Infected and gun game are coming back

- AC130 comes back, but the highest killstreak is a jugg suit

- There is a killstreak system rather than a scorestreak one.   

- The game has a game ending nuke.

- There is a total of 47 weapons on disc, some might be cut and saved for dlc.

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Yup %99.999 sure we won't see them. They would be much more complicated than cod4/5 but there is also a licensing issue. These days third party tools are often used and if they don't want to release their stuff then legally IW couldn't anyways. DICE/BF tools is another example. With this "new" engine, whatever it is, it might be likely.


Besides, even if they were who is going to make a mod? Everything cod+mods related are zombie maps these days.

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