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System Image Restore to new PC

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Ok, so this is bugging me now...
Is there a way to restore everything to a new computer, but to also specify which internal hard drive the files should be restored to?
A friends PC died so he ordered a new one. The system image is larger than the SSD that the operating system is installed on, so I want to install the old setup on the 2TB HDD that is available (newly installed on new pc).


Thanks in advance

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5 hours ago, Labob said:

As I recall go to the web site of the hard drive manufacturer of the HD you are transferring to. They should have  a program to do exactly what you looking to do.

yes most Data drive manu use CLONE software for new drives  under tools /download of brand you buy in thier support section

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9 hours ago, KaptCrunch said:

you get it done  Blaze 

I managed to get files transferred, but not programs. He didn't really have a great deal of stuff to move, so we can just reinstall the programs he needs and keep it all clean.


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8 hours ago, Angelz said:

I received this free cloning software from an XI member over a year ago. It works great!!

For some reason you can't upload zip files now.

The link below is my ftp.



Thanks, that will definitely come in handy. 👍

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