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  1. fireurza

    I'll always take some games.
  2. fireurza

    Neither of those were caused by the "wolves regulating themselves". They were both caused by laws passed by Congress both having something to do with taxes and interest. The dotcom bubble was caused by taxes on dividends being kept the same but capital gains taxes being lowered. This led to a huge influx of investors moving from high dividend investments to low dividend/high volitility investments. The bubble popped because some large companies like Dell placed HUGE sell orders which cause panic and caused everyone to sell as fast as they could which cause the crash which was also made worse by 9/11, the date the entire stock market dropped over 10% because of a terrorist attack. The housing bubble was similarly caused by interest rates and lending practices. Remember the lending practices were deregulated because the public wanted them to be because they wanted easier access to home loans. These 2 things left people with things they could not afford. They are also part of the reason the government does not really listen to the majority when making big decisions. People here seem to keep forgetting, we are not a democracy. We are a democratic republic. The only thing the people have the right to vote on in the US is who represents them, not what choices their representative make. If this were true why did the companies want to get rid of it? If it were regulated like a utility service then why didn't the ISPs bill it like a utility service. Both water and electric are charged according to usage. If the only switch was making it so it was regulated like a utility service then why did these ISPs not go the route of making more money by charging Facebook, Netflix, etc for the upstream and downstream activity? Utility companies are natural monopolies which mean they make economic profits in the long run. ISPs are closer to a monopolistic competition which means they will eventually break even.
  3. fireurza

    How does it cost the customers more if Comcast charges Netflix? You can't tie Netflix rate increases to that alone. Hell since Net Neutrality went into effect in 2015 Netflix rates have gone up 3 times. Also they have a tiered subscription... you have to pay more for high resolution and yet they don't have to pay more to ISPs for the amount of bandwidth they take up... Bandwidth is not an unlimited resource and 4k resolution takes up a shit ton of bandwidth.
  4. fireurza

    You think so huh? How does that explain the cellphone companies? Go from having extreme limits on minutes and texts to almost every plan is unlimited text and calling and cheaper than before.
  5. fireurza

    You wont be paying more for direct access... that was another falsity that was spread. I have yet to see a country that does not have net neutrality charge more for direct access to certain sites. Hell, South Korea has the fastest internet and has some of the highest percentage of internet access (more than the US).... yet they do not have Net Neutrality. That "you will pay more" was a fear mongering attempt to scare people at what was a far fetched possibility that would never happen. FCC isnt the only thing that monitors the internet... or did you forget the FTC also manages ISPs. http://hightechforum.org/fact-checking-net-neutrality-violations/
  6. fireurza

    Why should it be treated like a cruise missile? I has to be dropped from a plane unlike a cruise missile. It is cheap to make unlike the cruise missile. It cannot be fitted with a nuclear warhead unlike a cruise missile.
  7. fireurza

    Thanks everyone
  8. fireurza

    It can be expensive. Dont know what DHL charges. USPS is pretty cheap compared to $600. You can pay VAT so that it doesn't get held up. There will be a form you have to fill out with item value etc. If you have paypal then there are discounted rates. Also if you have a tax id # (not social) you can apply for business account and get a huge discount from UPS.
  9. fireurza

    yep I am on the US servers
  10. fireurza

    I play on the NA server.... Just got 52 Tamer and skilled 7 processor.



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