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  1. WinssloW

    i am thankful for..... All these damn good looking woman on Tinder.
  2. WinssloW

    I am thankful for.... Trekvinger, Being my brother in law Trekkie, Are you there?
  3. WinssloW

  4. WinssloW

  5. WinssloW

    @trekvinger ARE YOU HERE TREKKIE ?
  6. WinssloW

    The one and only Butterflies crawlers handshake. ???
  7. WinssloW

    Cool game, but they need to tweak it a little, killing seems a little dodgy in that game. At least shroud seems to enjoy him self with it. Don't think it will be a mayor hit, maybe for now, since it is still new. In the end it has nothing refreshing compared to pubg and ring of elysium then only different graphics and a different map. But as in every other "Battle Royal" game it take's way to long for they release new maps and people get quickly bored by playing the same kind of map over n over again for months.
  8. WinssloW

    My next name change? I have been with >XI< for 8 years. This is my first name change ever, and why ? i just don't play supported game's anymore and since i am streaming under WinssloW on twitch and having this name in other game's there's no reason for not to change it. But hey, congrats on your mod tags man, It seems to suit you real nicely.
  9. WinssloW

    Welcome to cod4 @FlyingDutch. Its fun is in it ?
  10. WinssloW

    You're worst fucking nightmare fool. @Crack fu beetch
  11. WinssloW

    Who give's a damn about top100 website's in 2019 we are not going to find new players there for that good old 1990cod4 game ??
  12. Thats not spareribs ? thats just nasty cheap shit. Open a can of dogg food and you got the same.
  13. WinssloW

    Nice man, now get a little more in to editing and you can do great stuff on YouTube man and make some money with your channel.
  14. Happy Birthday to the nicest guy i have ever met in my live. Hope you having a super awesome day buddy and yet more to come. See you Saturday my brother in law, but also best friend and biggest noob in gaming ever ❤️
  15. WinssloW

    And that is exactly the reason i don't come to often anymore to these forums. What ever you put on the forums there's always someone that like's to act like a cocky asshole. See you in 6 months again or later. Bye bye
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