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    Worcestershire, UK
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    Cats. Cats are dope.
    Also enjoy pissing people off,playfully of course, so mischief rather than meanness.
    Favourite band is Ninja Sex Party, I'm a bit of a Danny stan.

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  1. ShinyAbsol94

    Happy birthday everyone! 😊
  2. ShinyAbsol94

    Happy birthday everyone!! 😊🎂
  3. ShinyAbsol94

    Happy birthday everyone!!
  4. ShinyAbsol94

    Happy birthday everyone!! 😊
  5. ShinyAbsol94

    Happy birthday everyone!
  6. ShinyAbsol94

    Yeah I've been playing for a little while and I still suck. The admins and other players have been really patient and helpful with me though so definitely jump on TS as @ChknFngr said, they'll be happy to help you.
  7. ShinyAbsol94

    Happy birthday everyone! 🎂
  8. ShinyAbsol94

    Happy birthday everyone! Have a great day 🎂🎂
  9. ShinyAbsol94

    What is it with you all and pornographic content of people of reduced stature??
  10. ShinyAbsol94

    This killed me 😂😂😂
  11. ShinyAbsol94

    Sounds like it got told two different things at once, got confused and then threw a tantrum. I've never related to a server before 😂😂
  12. ShinyAbsol94

    Happy birthday everyone! Have a great day 😊
  13. ShinyAbsol94

    Cheers for the heads up 👌
  14. ShinyAbsol94

    Happy birthday guys!
  15. ShinyAbsol94

    Chris absolutely LOVES to pamper himself after a hard day of work, he's got a great collection of bath bombs and body scrubs
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