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  1. Happy Birthday Billy!

  2. billyblade

    Nice score Stormy...very nice indeed!!!!
  3. billyblade

    I am truly sorry to hear this news....and also sorry for being so late.... I wish nothing but strength and peace for the family.... i remember cobra when he was just visiting the sites and him and i would be the only ones playing the first star wars mods on here....... we played alot back then and had a great time and i will miss him and miss being one of his favorite targets...
  4. billyblade

    wow..im such an idiot...i havent been on since m birffday....actually before...thanks guys!!!!
  6. billyblade

    Hey plaque.....isn't that your parents basement? You ain't moved out of there yet?????GAMECHANGED!!!!!!
  7. billyblade

    Let's roshambo.....I'll go first.....and don't forget to take a towel!!!!!!!!!
  8. billyblade

    Bama...you know its the SAC 12...and that ain't no acronym....USC GOT GAMECHANGED!!!!!!
  9. Alright people...time to post your teams here. For anybody with any sense you gotta know its ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!! I AM DA GAMECHANGER AND I ENDORSE NICK SABAN FOR PRESIDENT!!!! Btw...it ain't USC....it's US C DEEZ NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. billyblade

    Nice one stormy. Sounds great!
  11. Agreed, but what a slap in the face for any of his fans who are veterans...or worse yet disabled. It's their efforts that helped reinforce a culture that allows him to A.be a highly paid professional athlete and B. gives him the right of free speech and expression of his politics and whatnot....
  12. This guy is officially douchebag of the week. Not that he doesn't have the right, that much I respect as an American. It's more the idea to create publicity for himself as the embattled former starter who will probably be ushered out in a couple weeks due to dismal ratings and poor performance...granted he has had surgery and whatnot....but ALOT of great athletes recover and do just as well if not better. He knows he's on the fence and is just trying to get just a little more TV time before his 10 million a year dries up....douchebag of the week ayuh I AM DA GAMECHANGER AND I ALWAYS....REPEAT....ALWAYS STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!!!
  13. billyblade

    How about PrpleAssHatt.....that seems reasonable kushy......GAMECHANGED!!!!!
  14. billyblade

    It's Diaz for the win!!!!! Least I hope so...or really I think so..
  15. billyblade

    I would attribute their success to the beef ankidney pie diet....lots and lots of energy....



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