Server Lag and You: A guide for sustainable building (1.7.10 Pack)

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What Even is Lag...

Everyone hates lag, imagine you’re playing minding your own business when bam! Lag strikes, causing numerous negative effects, like block lag and inventory mess ups. It also slows your machines down making it hard to progress. Thankfully there are steps you, as a player, can take to help lighten your load on the server.

Before we get further into the subject of lag, we must first cover the topic of Ticks per Second (TPS). A tick is the base unit of time the game runs on. Everything is driven by the tick and all operations are based on how fast the game ticks. Normally Minecraft runs at a fixed 20 TPS, with each tick taking 0.05 seconds; however, when a computer/server is unable to keep up with the load of the game application, ticks will take longer than 0.05 seconds. Longer ticks mean lower TPS and everything in the game running slower. To learn more about TPS go to the Minecraft page explaining it: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tick

All machine operations in Minecraft take extra time to process, this is done in the span of a game tick. The basic concept of reducing lag on the server is to minimize the number of laggy machines you use and to use the necessary ones more efficiently.

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What can I, as a player, do?

The biggest concept to keep in mind is that bigger isn’t always better, and to apply the idea in your base design. For instance, do you really need those 64 capacitors or will be okay with four. There are seven main mods I will touch on:

1.      Mekanism

2.      Applied Energistics

3.      Ender IO

4.      OpenComputers

5.      Flans

6.      Carpenters

7.      Chisel



The mod we all know and love (except for server owners and admins). It has many nice features, such as blazing fast machines and a fusion reactor that can make millions of RF/T. Unfortunately, this comes at significant cost to server performance. For instance, Elite factories, like the enricher, crusher, infuser, and purifier can each take 0.5%-1% of server processing power. To have a lag free server, it is imperative that people use the factories in moderation. Ideally, all bases would have less than eight of the machines.

Furthermore, the fusion reactor is mostly unneeded. I have not met a single player who had a genuine need for power generation greater than 200kRF/t, and If you do need this much power, there is probably other optimizations which need to be done as well. The issue with the Mekanism fusion reactor is that the device itself is laggy and that the supporting machinery required to produce its fuel poorly optimized as well. For power less than 200kRF/t, a Big Reactor will work fine. BRs are very server friendly, and their fuel (Yellorium) can be grown with magical crops. To simulate various Big Reactor designs visit: http://br.sidoh.org/

Shown below is the Big Reactor configuration I use. The core is 14blocks high and can make 35krf/t using .3mB/t



Ender IO

In general Ender IO is a fantastic mod that contributes very little lag and makes for a great base organization and automation tool. However, one block that can add lag is the capacitor. The issue with the capacitor is that while it doesn’t add much lag on its own, people tend to go overboard with it. Do you really need those 64 vibrant cap cells? No. If you stick with ten, you will still have 250MRF energy storage and avoid the lag created from the additional 54 unneeded cells. Below you can see my power storage, I only have six cells for storage and never have any energy issues.



Applied Energistics 2


AE2 is perhaps my favorite mod and serves as the central nervous system of any developed base. With all its great power comes responsibility, it is imperative that you do not rely on its autografting ability for excessively complex items, like bedrockium or induction cells/providers. When crafting these items, you should first auto-craft all its required sub-components and then craft the final item when the ME has most of the items already available; this is needed because the crafting such complicated things will cause the ME to take more ticks than it really needs, slowing down the server.

Additionally, your ME system is the brain and the nervous system of your base. It is not the muscle and should not be doing the heavy lifting for things like ore processing. For ore processing, you should have a stream of machines where the ME just exports the items into one end and gets the finished product at the other. Adding export and import buses on every device adds lag and in general, makes it harder to manage channels for your ME. Another setup that can be an issue is automating engineering, logic and calculation processor creation. Instead of placing import and export buses on each face you could place Ender IO conduits to move the items to the next stage of processing, shifting the load off the ME. My inscriber setup can be seen below. It is good because the ME only needs to worry about exporting the certus, gold, and diamonds. I run all 18 inscribers using only six channels. I avoid the need for import buses at the end of production by using Ender IO Item Conduits to push the finished processors directly into an ME Interface.




OC is my second favorite mod after AE2, which is why it pains me so much to say that it causes lag. But not just TPS lag like the other items, it causes the server itself to hang and come to a screeching halt, affecting all other programs hosted on the server. The lag arises from the writes OC does on the server’s hard drive. These writes occur approximately every 15 seconds and cause noticeable lag spikes where the Minecraft becomes completely unresponsive until the writing finishes. This unusual type of lag is very dangerous and is why you must avoid using OC and always look to other solutions. ComputerCraft is the alternative computer mod on the server. Its computers are both cheaper to make and easier to learn; ComputerCraft is usually a better choice than OC. The most dangerous OC component is the RAID and should be avoided like the plague. If you absolutely must use it then be sure to pick it up when you are done, and not to leave it placed in the world. The server has been struggling to the point where OC will probably be disabled. If you love the server and do not want to see it lag, then do not use OC.


Flan's Mod

Flans’s is a fun mod which brings a new flavor of combat orient items to Minecraft; unfortunately, new combat isn’t the only thing it brings. It causes both instability in the server and laggyness for your own client. The two biggest problems are bullets and vehicles.

Bullets start to cause problems when people shoot into unloaded chunks. For some reason when the bullets hit these unloaded chunks they become hyperactive and tick an unbelievable amount. The bullets should only be ticking once per game tick, but upon hitting the unloaded chunks, they start to tick multiple times per game tick, rapidly eating up server resources. Additional trouble comes from the server being unable to remove these ‘broken’ bullets causing them to persist, creating lag until the chunks become loaded. Usually by an admin who has been informed of the lag and player time outs. So please, don’t fire into the sky, or at unloaded chunks.

There have also been issues with the vehicles; they like to pretend to be Houdini and pull disappearing acts on us. There is usually someone ever two days who complains about their Flan’s vehicle missing, and there isn’t anything the admins can do to assist them because it doesn’t show up in logs that they ever had the vehicle, or that it went missing. Flan’s Vehicles also slow down your game client hurting your own FPS and performance. This client side lag is independent of the server and happens even if the server is ticking smoothly.


There are two types of things in Minecraft, Blocks and Block Entities (formally tile entities). A block is your standard thing; it’s your dirt, your cobblestone and, your obsidian, it is anything with only a Block ID and four bits of data. A Block Entity is a more complicated form of the standard Block. The Block Entity has a Block ID and four bits of data, but it contains additional data associated with it. This extra data usually isn’t a problem; it's necessary to have things like signs, enchanting tables, or beds. However, in large amounts, as with all things, its starts to be a problem. Carpenters is a common problem item, because while it's awesome to get diagonal lines in Minecraft, every carpenter block is a block entity, storing both what the carpenter block is, as well as what the block it contains is. As such large (>300 blocks) amounts of carpenter blocks starts to lag both the server and the client. The client lags because of the more complicated graphics it must display because it’s not only showing only the carpenters block but is being overridden by the contained block. As usual, moderation is key: avoid using carpenters where it is not needed (i.e. don’t make an entire base out of it).


The mod with all the fancy cool blocks, but also the mod with all the laggy connected textures. A connected texture is what happens when blocks of the same type are next to each other, and they merge their textures to form one big texture. The top blocks are diamonds and are an example of a simple, non-connected texture; the second picture shows gold block connected textures. Note in the gold how there are no edges between the blocks that share sides.


Chisel is mostly okay, just be sure to avoid the connected textures. They cause each block to have to check its neighbor to see what texture it should display. Connected textures cause more lag when they extend into other chunks because the game must check across chunk boundaries which is slower than in chunk checking. In general: don’t use connected textures.


So in Conclusion

I hope you have found this information and that you can use it to improve both yours and others Minecraft experience. If you have further questions you just post in this forum or contact me in the game on The 1.7.10 Pack server.


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Thank you for this post, Peanut! Not many players think twice before building their heavy machinery bases, some even chuck it all into one single chunk. I'm glad we have players who think twice before setting up their systems with machines etc.!

Big thumbs up from me :thumbsup:

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