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Im building a new PC soon and I am going with the AMD Ryzen 2700x or I might wait for the 3700x.  I can't decide on wight case and motherboard to buy.  I have already bought the Nvidia 2070 and a EVGA 850 Super Nova psu.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  



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Wait for the 7nm Ryzen 2 cpu's ,when these chips come out you can decide to buy the newest one or go for a 2700x for a much lower price . 

When u go for a 8c/16t or more you should at least take a X*** mobo because of the better vrm's ,imho is a Asrock X470 taichi a good buy .

A verry good case is the Fractal design R6 ,it has plenty of space ,its silent ,and suberb for watercooling .

On that point i am in the same position ,should i go for the 2600 or wait for the new one 🙄 ,but that's for my seccond rig wich is being used for lan-party's .

My main rig is still with the 1700x OC @ 4GHz ,and in combination with a GTX1060 6G it works fine for me .


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Die hard Gigabyte fan when it comes to motherboards.  Better caps than most.  Wish DFI would enter the consumer motherboard arena again.  The LanParty series were unstoppable !!!  The first overclocking friendly board.  Now they just make "Industrial" boards.



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