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COD4 Ban Appeal

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This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all.

What server were you banned from?: >XI< Freeze Tag
When did you get banned?: Not sure
What was your in-game name?: ES-JAX
What is your game GUID (if known): Cant pull up right now
Why do you think you were banned?:

I have absolutely no idea, I joined and I was banned.

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on your ban appeal form you have put your in-game name as ES-JAX, how come you just replied with your username is ZoaR ?? as WildPenguin said the easiest way to find out is if you send them your GUID.

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Yes it is df93f328 Edit: apparently I was banned from all the servers somehow!!!!

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I *believe* was banned while I was offline, but I have only ever played on FreezeTag Server 1. My name was "Kaizo" or "#BRO#Kaizo*)
UPDATE: I am banned from all freeze tag servers... Every single server with the gamemode Freeze Tag!?!?

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