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Christmas Crawl

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Get ready to do a christmas server crawl with us. ??

On Saturday december 21 we will do a crawl of 4 of our >XI< COD4 servers for a ton of laughs and fun!

Drinking is allowed,,but please no naked playing!!! ? ok only if you really have to!!lol

We will start out at our new CTF server, then  move to the Hide & seek server,,,then  to our ACE server,,then last but not least move to our MW2 server IF you can keep up!?

We will do about 1 hour on each server.

2 times are set up so our euros can participate.

find your time here https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=your+time+zone

Starting at 1pm est to approximetly 5 pm est

then again at 7 pm est to 11 pm est

Hope to have a great time!!!!


Thank you for help @WldPenguin


hide& seek   Port: 28960
ace   Port: 28960
mw2   Port: 28960



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30 minutes ago, BlackRose said:


We started, the boss beat me fair and square although for a while he was worried, bedtime now, could we start them an hour earlier, or preferably two, in future?

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