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Weekend BBq

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Built a new Barbecue for my backyard and I am slowly getting use to how it cooks.  This weekends meal was Fillet mignon shish kabobs. 
love the size of it.   The kabobs were made with Fillet marinated in a soy sauce, honey, garlic and Ginger marinade and skewered with bell peppers and red onions.   Always a huge hit with the family.  04AA6970-CC3E-460F-ABC9-B6E3BF3F8899.thumb.jpeg.07efd88f0c91e6ed4e6666e0f8509433.jpegEF0282FE-57FA-49C4-8389-96DABD827707.thumb.jpeg.56c537971079af4907d647bd9b27668d.jpeg

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