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  1. hackeklaus

    welcome to the familie of the idiots. good to have u in here, u are a good team player. freeze ya later ?
  2. hackeklaus

    oh haven´t seen the year ?
  3. hackeklaus

    maybe a little late but i just stumbled upon this post ? happy birthday B! ?
  4. hackeklaus

    Welcome to the family of da idiots ?
  5. hackeklaus

    Its not about being good at the game. Its all about having fun and forgetting the daily trouble. Just hang around and make some fun with the XI family.
  6. hackeklaus

    x2 second time now ?
  7. I´m so sorry to hear that. I still remember playing games with him 9 years ago. Even if we ditnt talk to each other for years i will miss him. He was one of the Best and he cant be replaced. Now I send all my prayers to Sandra and her familie, I wish u all the best.
  8. Oh yeah! Even the german press reported about that. Over here it´s still not legal for recreational use. Ur doc could give it to you... if u close enought to death already. But things change pretty quick right now , i think there will be a change next year. we will see...
  9. hackeklaus

    Well done, lookes awesome. Do u allready have ur own fanclub infront of the stage? ?
  10. hackeklaus

    Now I´m soooo old!!!! What dit I experience??? Joined the best Clan in da whole stinky world!!!!11!!1!!111!!!!! ???
  11. hackeklaus

    welcome to tda family of da idiots ?
  12. hackeklaus

    woohooo, a outsider inside ?
  13. mp_beltot !!!!111!!1!!!!! best map ever!!!!1!!!1!1!!!111 Wohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
  14. hackeklaus

    real idiots just sound like they do. no need for voicechanger. woohoooo
  15. the answer is pretty easy... our galaxy is just a bunch of bacteria in the toilet from another much bigger species.
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