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  1. welcome to the familie of the idiots. good to have u in here, u are a good team player. freeze ya later ?
  2. maybe a little late but i just stumbled upon this post ? happy birthday B! ?
  3. Its not about being good at the game. Its all about having fun and forgetting the daily trouble. Just hang around and make some fun with the XI family.
  4. I´m so sorry to hear that. I still remember playing games with him 9 years ago. Even if we ditnt talk to each other for years i will miss him. He was one of the Best and he cant be replaced. Now I send all my prayers to Sandra and her familie, I wish u all the best.
  5. Oh yeah! Even the german press reported about that. Over here it´s still not legal for recreational use. Ur doc could give it to you... if u close enought to death already. But things change pretty quick right now , i think there will be a change next year. we will see...
  6. Well done, lookes awesome. Do u allready have ur own fanclub infront of the stage? ?
  7. Now I´m soooo old!!!! What dit I experience??? Joined the best Clan in da whole stinky world!!!!11!!1!!111!!!!! ???
  8. woohooo, a outsider inside ?
  9. mp_beltot !!!!111!!1!!!!! best map ever!!!!1!!!1!1!!!111 Wohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
  10. real idiots just sound like they do. no need for voicechanger. woohoooo
  11. the answer is pretty easy... our galaxy is just a bunch of bacteria in the toilet from another much bigger species.
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