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  1. hackeklaus

    CoD4 FTag for sure, also the only game I play on my PC. Since I´ve got the Oculus Quest I played some games on that one too. Most favorite on the Quest is: RoboRecall, Dead and Buried and last but not least Pavlov VR. Last one is just like CoD but u have to move a little more. Yesterday I destroyed my light bulb as i tried to throw a granade at the enemie... barefoot...glass everywhere... and no light 🤣
  2. hackeklaus

    @Unchileno Maybe I´m just waiting for an excuse all day long, so that I can stop working 😉 When the boss asked me why im not working, I can blame it on others
  3. yea props could be faster. but i still love it
  4. hackeklaus

    good one @YACCster 🤣 a friend showed me the original version on youtube, I couldn´t do my job properbly for the rest of the day 😂
  5. I can´t turn them off... you know, i love animal porn with u as the topact, @AyaqGuyaq 😘
  6. Well, thats poop. Sometimes when it dosnt works, i copy that link out of the game and just download it throught my browser. it makes the download quicker but u have to put it in the correct folder to make it work. What happend to the "XI downloader"?
  7. even more maps i have to download 😥 with every new map my game chrashes twice. first time when i do the download, and second time when i join the new map. anyone might know whats wrong with my game? or is there a way to download all maps at once?
  8. hackeklaus

    Yea, they should be great. My G432 have 7.1 too, not 5.1 as i wrote in my first post.
  9. hackeklaus

    🤣 Good one , Ayaq. Didn't knew that one. Just the way Travolta looks and his voice 🤣 And a good theme song they had 👍
  10. hackeklaus

  11. hackeklaus

    Thank you 😘 Good to see my lovely guys and girls back, but I will freeze y'all anyway 😎
  12. hackeklaus

    I'm using the Logitech G432. It has 5.1 speakers, so you hear people sneaking around you, and it isn't that expensive.
  13. hackeklaus

    Thanks guys and gals that I now can be a part of the Idiots again. That means a lot to me as we had a good time together back in the days and we also will have some awesome nights ahead of us now. Prepare yourself to get frozen 😎 No worries, I will not leave you again. Now I got me a house so no need to move ever again. Will see y'all in the servers 😘
  14. hackeklaus

    As far as i know, it only works with RecRoom right now but i´m not sure about that. I know there where some PC users, but dit they use the Rift or the HTC?
  15. Hi there, I got me the new Oculus Quest and i was just wondering if there are some other idiots here who got one too. There will be some awesome games in the near future, like Pavlov VR. Its a multiplayer egoshooter and its also modable like COD4. Maybe there will be some VR Freezetag in future. DrunknBarFight will also come to the Quest, would be a blast to get in a pub with some Idiots And yes, I´m back 😍
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