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  1. Hunter

    I'm very sorry for your loss.
  2. Hunter

    Welcome to >XI< Skyler_HUN
  3. 14 hour drive for us and depends on the exchange rate as well.
  4. Hunter

    Back at you.
  5. Hunter

    And free health care as a bonus.
  6. Hunter

    Happy Birthday guys!!
  7. Hunter

    That's awesome Harry when I first started gaming I used a track ball and everyone asked how I could turn so quick so it worked for me then
  8. Hunter

    Happy Birthday guys, hoping you have an awesome day!!
  9. Hunter

    Very sorry to hear this but I think it's the best thing to do as we all like a good quality of life for our selves and family.
  10. Hunter

    Welcome to the forums and we have lots of servers playing different games so enjoy.
  11. Hunter

    Still the same as before. That's ok I'm sure it will get sorted out. It just showed up thanks again
  12. Hunter

    He is what I see @Sitting-Duc
  13. Hunter

    Happy Birthday guys, hope you have an awesome day!
  14. Hunter

    Just relax there has been a break down on the web site and our webmaster is working on it.