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  1. Can you not turn your sound down on your headset? You maybe able to turn your sound down on your sound setting in windows as well.
  2. Hunter

    Welcome to the >XI<family!!
  3. Hunter

    Happy Birthday hope you enjoy your day!!
  4. Hunter

    Welcome to the forums and glad you are enjoying the servers.
  5. Hunter

    Wow very sad to hear this news but I do understand everything you said @ANGU5 GG hope you enjoy yourself and know I appreciate everything you have done. You can come play with this old guy anytime you would like. LOL
  6. Hunter

    Yes these are programs the I use all the time.
  7. Yes I did vote. Yes agree a little change is okay but as I said if you get complaints not if you get one complaint.
  8. I think we tried this years ago and it didn't go over very well. So if you want to try it ok but any complaints and it should go off.
  9. Hunter

    Very good indeed.
  10. Hunter

    Looks like a pretty big house.
  11. Hunter

    I will be there for sure . I hope these old bones don't forget.
  12. It's about time, there are so many bad truck drivers out there.
  13. Hunter

    Happy Birthday KenMan!!