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  1. Hunter

    Happy Birthday Dean!!
  2. Hunter

    Hey bud how is your brother doing??????
  3. Hunter

    Sorry I'm late but Happy birthday!!
  4. Hunter

    Happy Birthday.
  5. Hunter

    Welcome back and enjoy your time back here.
  6. Hunter

    Welcome to the XI forums and the intro.
  7. Hunter

    Then please give me a way to stop all the emails about a new device. I log into the site 3 to 5 times a day that means I get that many emails. Like I said it never did this before only the last 3 weeks and some others have the same problem now.
  8. Hunter

    What I did was blocked the sender in my email client or you could just mark it as spam.
  9. Happy Birthday hope your day goes well.
  10. Hunter

    Welcome to the forums and what servers do you play on?
  11. Hunter

    Ya I guess I will have to stay on the site all day. LOL not😄
  12. Hunter

    Ok now how do I stop the notification
  13. Hunter

    Yes if I log in the morning then later on I will get the notification every time. My history and cache are cleared from my browser every time I log off the web.
  14. Hunter

    Every time I log in to the website I get an email that I logged in with a new device. I use firefox and have windows 7. I have used this computer and browse for years. This problem started about 2 or 3 weeks ago. @Sitting-Duc