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  1. PainKiller

    We just started behaving like everyone else, you're all pains in the ass! Especially you, you bastard
  2. PainKiller

    Can I have my pink fluffy ones back please?
  3. PainKiller

    I was always under the assumption that I was the first JR member I've been playing way back since the CoD2 days when the clan first formed and my dad was an admin at the time and with the help of a couple of others got me the first JR tags of the clan under NoddyJR - but now I know there was another JR running around at the same time as me! Maybe we were the first JR's that got that JR tag around the same time? Regardless, its nice to see someone that has been here since a JR such as myself. Strange to think that I have been knocking around here since I was 12-13 and now I'm 28 so 15 years of my time has been spent in this madhouse. Well, almost 15 years. I did have some time away when my dad left the clan and as a JR I had to leave with him. Now I've been back for a good few years, and landed myself a place as an admin for CoD2. I'm from wet and miserable England and I work in IT as part of a University's IT support team and my goal is to eitehr make the Senior position or head to another team called Operations who deal with a lot of back end server side things. I love my job and I am proud to say that as I worked really crappy jobs that I absolutely hated for 7 years before getting this one. My favourite games at this time are World of Warcraft, CoD2, 7 Days to Die, Elden Ring, the Dark Souls Trilogy, the Persona series, RuneScape 3 and Old School -- it is a very extensive list that I can go on about.
  4. PainKiller

    My theory is that someone forgot to plug her in to the national grid to recharge overnight - that woman is immortal so she's in standby mode. I don't care much for the royal family because to me they are glorified celebrities, but I can completely understand how heavy this is on my own country having had a monarch rule for almost all their life and has had to see this country through so much and kept the international relations with the commonwealth and other nations what they are. This is a natural part of life, but I do wonder how much the next monarch has to pick up.
  5. PainKiller

    Impure client happens if you have a conflicting map error, just remove the offending file and you're good to go
  6. Great pics Laz, glad you're having a good time! Been quiet without you but safe travels!!
  7. PainKiller

    Also, FU @J3st3r
  8. PainKiller

    If these people can't take jokes then they REALLY shouldn't be playing online. I think it's too much for them. We have nothing but bullshittery on the CoD2 servers. For example, just yesterday myself and another CoD2 admin spent the whole CTF round fucking about, and we still won can't play games if you can't have fun with it.
  9. I genuinely hate wires, so I would go wireless tbh
  10. PainKiller

    Have a good one mate!
  11. PainKiller

    I just finished a job working in Hospitality for two and a half years and I am now about to start a job in IT with the same company. Working at a University has its perks because there's a lot of different career paths
  12. PainKiller

    Star was more than just a member, he was family down in CoD2. A lovely guy, always a good laugh. yea the camping pissed me off but that was him Really gonna miss the bugger; it's not the same when we lose someone close to us.
  13. PainKiller

    I just wish we had XP back, that was an amazing OS
  14. PainKiller

    FUCK THAT SHIT! You can keep that the hell away from me. Thanks.
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