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    Best of luck Mule!
  2. blackcrow

    Servus all !!! Im not a member but i play with you guys last 4 years and i make some frendship with bunch of you and you are sec family for me,kinda.Right now i have hard time coz im geting divorce after 12 y and two beatifull daughters and my life is in ruins.Never mind whose falt is it,there is no more love between us and thats it.She wanna take my kids and thats the problem.Cant live without see them every day like i use to.Long story short i could use few nice words or pep talk.Every coment counts, bad or nice.(thats for chile u old cabron,feel free to mock me).Sry for my english at the end im guy from Croatia and i hope you will have no trouble to read this.thanks !!!
  3. blackcrow

    Ok.thx you very much.
  4. blackcrow

    Ok,thx !
  5. blackcrow

    my ip is i was banned from mw2 ftag that is the only one i could find, pls help i am desperate. ¸my guid is d3e3c000f43aee112c424211f4f8c56d
  6. blackcrow

    How and where can i find my guid or ip address?
  7. blackcrow

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: COD4 freezetag When did you get banned?: I dont know. What was your in-game name?: BLACK What is your game GUID (if known): Why do you think you were banned?: HI.TODAY I TRY TO JOIN COD4 FT SERVER AND MESSAGE POPS OUT ON SCREEN *YOU ARE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM THIS SERVER*.CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME WHAT DID I DO TO BE BANNED?
  8. blackcrow

    Happy new year !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. blackcrow

    LONG LIVE ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. blackcrow

  11. blackcrow

    The best movie in my childhood and soundtrack is EPIC !!!
  12. blackcrow this two guys are my homies,proud to be CROAT !!!
  13. blackcrow

    for my french friends,enjoy.i am