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  1. Mij soundsettings must be ballanced between TS and ingame voicechat ,i am sorry for the people in game when they cannot hear me loud and clear enough . When i play on the freezetag most of the time i play with my friends while we are on TS ,for us ( iced_e and Kobus ) is it no problem to go too Xi TS ,like we did before ,but we are Dutch and like too speak in our language between the game and personal . So Deerejon i dont think i can help you . Greetz BillyMilano .
  2. Modibob

    Hi Adalya ,goed to see here ! Greetz BillyMilano .
  3. Just pressing the space button on a keyboard is no cheat ....hell no!
  4. Good job Jon, keep in mind that players in the EU and Ami players ....all over the world ^^ not always profit have by the rotation cycles .
  5. Modibob

    Those damned retarted snowflake's think they rule the world ,IRL they are weaker than a turd and lost all sense of humor ...and offcourse reality .
  6. I stuck often on the dogshit ,the solution for me is running like a rabit to avoid the dogs and their crap ......lol But i love dogs 😂......for real ! ,i own German sheppards irl . Greetz BillyMilano .
  7. Modibob

    You are damn right ! I totally agree .
  8. Modibob

    In the Netherlands we must get rid of old diesel cars < 2005 too save the world ,and all thats cars where sold (not destroyed!!!) drive further in Poland and other east side country's . Do not think that it is hotter in Poland right now .
  9. Modibob

    Same here 1-5 maps .
  10. Modibob

    George Carlin ??