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    Seems round to me .
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    Yes you have to be a member .
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    like ?
  6. What if its 5v7 and the team with 5 cant stand a chance ,and also with players in a team that realy dont know how to taw . How many round based games have the freetag mod , 1% i gues . Switching to a other team while none is frozen seems to me a good deal ,and i agree with you if some players allready frozen that wont work . I understand that how it works in your opinion is based on the time that you and the most of the players at the server are . In European time ,for example 19:30 is the story different .
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    Alpine A110 , la plus belle voiture qulle France a construit .
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    My R5 GTT phase 1 1987. T2/25 hybrid turbo (MD14R Turbodynamics) Pace intercooler. K tec T4 actuator. MBCP oil lead turbo. Renix 209 + knocksensor. Bollenracing blowoff valve. SFS silicone hoses. Powersprint Gr N exaustsysteem (rvs). Mongoose downpipe . Bigbore turbo elbow. Mocal oilcoolerkit . Upgrade thermocontact+thermostaat. Lamdasonde air/fuel meter. Gr A carb with 135 mainjet. GT Tuning lobsterback. GT tuning strutbrace. K tec turbo heatshield. Reichard Racing cartervent. NGK racing spark plugs. K&N airintake. Koni yellow shocks rear. FK full race shocks front.
  10. The reason they leave dont bother me ,the problem is that we come in a situation like 5 aganst 7 players .