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  1. Well my profile pic is me, but I change my hair style and color a ton. This picture is more recent of me and my oldest.
  2. Using the program itself has never been an issue no. Every designer I know uses Adobe products and no one pays Adobe other than for the program itself. Maybe your cousin was confusing something? The copyright stuff can get confusing if you are trying to do things yourself. I know a lot about it and I have never heard of that.
  3. Ive been out of town for the better part of the last month. I just saw this post. If you want to PM me, Id be happy to discuss your wifes cover design as that is what I do. You can check out my website and Facebook first if you'd like. http://malloryrock.com https://www.facebook.com/MalloryRock
  4. So glad you did so well with the event Rascal! And you are very welcome. I am always happy to help and glad I was able to for your project.
  5. If your into reading You should check out this group on Facebook Janey. They do alot of giveaways for books, swag, chocolate, all sorts of goodies. https://www.facebook.com/groups/EP.StreetTeam/
  6. Well That just could be. The book that I wnat the votes for has been made into a screenplay and scripted. They will be shopping it to the studios very soon.
  7. Harry S. Weezer Academy Rugger River Mark Off Shooting Range Xtreme Idiosyncracies Gaming Bamaland Burnin Bright Lighting Mean Dean's Machete Shop Larsin City Belletown Cross Street Sitting Lake Rickoville Rockape Ridge Greywolf Lodge Hardcore Videos X-Ray Emergency Clinic Cobra Canyon Wizid Way Arrienn Aviary Black Widow Tattoos Mazdarati's Motorcycles Black Cat Bluff Dankoville hmmmm Maybe some more to come. lol
  8. Anyone here read much? Ever hear of Goodreads? One of the books I have done a ton of work on, The Silver Sphere, is working its way up this Goodreads list. Its at #6 right now. Need to double the amount of votes it has to get it to #1. http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/8166.Books_You_Wish_More_People_Knew_About?format=html&page=1&auto_login_attempted=true What will that do? This gets the book exposure, which means more sales, which means more exposure for me as an artist, and more possible work or bigger work anyway. If you feel so inclined I would very much appreciate anyone that can spare a minute or to 2 create an account and vote for it. And for your viewing pleasure while you're in here (hehe) my latest trailer. Thanks guys and gals! - A
  9. Destinations as in a city/town type name or more than just that like also street names/places (hotels/stores)/lakes/rivers etc????
  10. Thanks Panther. Wish I was gonna be there long enough to go out and see some extra stuff, but Im only there for 3 days and all of that time is taken up with work stuff. Not that Im complaining. Hopefully Ill get out there again sometime in the not so distant future and you can show me the sights over in Santa Barbara.
  11. Hey Everybody! Missing having much time for anything right at the moment, but enjoy talking with those of you who need assistance through xfire, or just to chat. I should have some more time in server soon. Anyway, I have great news I just had to share... As some of you know, I work as a graphic artist in the publishing industry, and I just got a really great opportunity that sprang up. So I shall be heading off to LA next month for a big Book Launch party at Rock & Reilly's on the Sunset Stripe. Will be a great opportunity to network and possibly a foot in the door for some new possibilities. The book thats launching there I did the cover, promo art, trailers, and a bunch of illustrations. They will be featuring all of my art for the book on all the flat screens for the party.I also know that the for sure, Peter Winther (the guy that produced Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, etc) will be there, An actress that starred alongside Pierce Brosnan in one of the James Bond movies, Pia Toscano (singer made famous through American Idol, Lead singer of the band Candlebox (anyone remember Far Behind?), and the list goes on. They will be featuring all of my art for the book on all the flat screens for the party. I am so excited. I just had to share. Plus, I get to stay in Bel Air while I'm there which is crazy. And because Im excited about this too, I wanted to share the newest book trailer I created. Its actually for a 5 book series, not just one book. Let me know what you think.
  12. So, I have not had a ton of playing time lately as I have been working on a ton of projects for work. One of them is a really huge project. The book is called The Silver Sphere and its a pretty big deal for me. Has a lot of potential for bigger things. Have been putting oodles of time into cover, promo graphics, formatting, illustrations, trailers, etc. You name it I had to do it for this book release. Well hear we are November 26th! YES! Books releases today. SOOOO excited and relieved as well. Anyway, thought I would post to explain my lack of time lately and also to share the launch trailer for the big book. If your a YA fantasy/sci-fi fan its a pretty awesome book. https://www.youtube....h?v=qekSoFLh-IU http://youtu.be/qekSoFLh-IU
  13. Awesome progress Damaged. I've been working on weight loss myself. Not doing any particular diet. I pretty much just cut out all the nasty bad carbs and sugars, from sweets, chips, etc. Lots more protein and veggies for the good carbs. While not on the adkins diet, I do buy the Cark Chocolate Royale Adkins shakes, as I actually like them and they are a nice supplement to my new eating habits. I also found an awesome new kind of pasta that only has 5 grams of digestable carbs per serving. They are by a company called Dream Fields. Great stuff. My goal is 27 lbs and Im down 17 now with my new routine. There is no one specific way to lose weight, but for sure you need something that you can maintain once your weight is off. Otherwise, you will find it all coming back later.
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