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windows 7 not genuine problems

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1 hour ago, 7Toes said:

lmao and you think win 7 does not have spyware built into it ?:shok:

It does or did. Just not even close as much as w10.

But if you turn auto updates off and do not download the spyware KB updates your fine.

Even the KB3035583 that was the update that forced you to w10 was avoided by many due to having auto update turned off.

I have bare minimum w7 ultimate with no updates other than the service packs on my pc and there is no spyware from microsoft.

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On 1/10/2018 at 9:42 AM, Angelz said:

Yes I have and I agree with it. I was not attacking you!! My preference is w7 and when it gets called dodgy I post my opinion with facts. LOL

If I were to post my true preference it would be linux but linux doesn't have a few things I use on a daily basis.

I hated everything about Window's 10 before trying it. The very thought of it made me cringe. Eventually I decided to try it out, and found it to be almost the same in some aspects as far as functionality and improved in other areas that Window's 7 was lacking. Mind you; Microsoft definitely has a lot of Spyware added to Window's 10 (i.e. Cortana, Keylogger, etc.) Which can all be disabled. If you do decide to take the leap, there are plenty of tutorials for turning these things off. Good luck. 

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