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Hey there XI and all. Been a While! This is (formerly) -=AGX=- Ronin aka Ronin (1998 Delta Force forward). I quit playing games to go to school as an old man and learn how to build them. You may or may not remember -=AGX=- PoSSe but in 2013 he and I decided to build our own game, similar to COD but better. As many of you know he passed away the same year but to honor my friend I continued on.

Well I am at the point of Beta Testing. I still have some work to do before the full test but it should be ready within the next month. I am the only person working on this project so that may change, however, some old -=AGX=- members have already helped me test what I have so far.

I build with Unreal Engine 4 and I am open to collaborators if interested. 

So the reason for this message is I am thinking of testing some time after Thanksgiving.

The only real way for me to test is to have more players than just a few so I would like to extend an invitation to any member of XI that would like to participate. 

I will be hosting the game myself (temp) but it is set up through Steam. I became a Licensed Steam Vendor in 2016 but I have not released anything, mainly due to learning. My Goal is to have the game on the Market by Christmas but we'll see.

The Gametypes I already have are S&D, DM, TDM, TKOTH, and  Conquest. I am currently working on the BluePrints for FreezeTag but with so much else to do, not sure how soon I'll have it ready.

PoSSe and I always said our game would be FREE to two Groups, -=AGX=- (I am wavering on this) and XI (No Problem) I really enjoyed those days gaming with XI so therefore all members will get a free release. (I'll figure out the details later, most of you probably forgot who I am by now anyways)

My Development of the game is to get the CORE Working and playable and then continually upgrade the game and make it better and better.

So, what I am asking is
Is anyone interested?
What is a great date to get up to 32 people together to play?

I'm TERRIBLE with updating FB but you can get more info here from time to time https://www.facebook.com/POWseries

Feel free to contact me for any info, tried to keep this short but well ..........

Thanks for taking the time to read this NOW get your Game on!

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WOW so sorry I have had a hard time finding my way back here. I cleaned  my gmail and b/c the original had been so old it was GONE.


So I have not been able to get to the point of freeze tag or too much of what I have been wanting to do but I did;

Learn so much that it is impossible to state here, I do have a website for that though the game absorbs my time.

I AM READY for testing if you are. 

TELL ME WHEN is a good time.

my fb page for POWs is https://www.facebook.com/POWseries

Hard to divide my time between the Game and the Website and in that order--

The server is working though I still have to figure out things

Game is ready in pre-alpha

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I am down to play. I'll even record my gameplay and put it on my youtube channel to help promote it, if that is cool. I'm still pretty new to making videos (just started over the last month), but I have 9 subscribers so far.

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