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  1. Ph4nt0m

    Are we getting the band back together? ?
  2. Ph4nt0m

  3. Ph4nt0m

    Seems we had an issue where some code got injected into the index pages, it should be cleared now.
  4. Ph4nt0m

    Your wife ? ;-)
  5. Ph4nt0m

    Just had a trick or treater at the door, she was dressed like Gloria Gaynor, At first I was afraid ... I was petrified !!
  6. Ph4nt0m

    Really loving Mumford and Sons at the moment, Not really my usual style but there is something quite refreshing about these guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMWVfnAiC-0
  7. Here my quick effort, Same as Lom, with a little more time I could probably get it a little better
  8. Ph4nt0m

    I'm here because I have alzheimer's and don't know where the fuck I am !!
  9. I played a few hours tonight and have to say I love this mod right now, all I can do is applaud you for the work you put into this Sammy, I only wish I was that talented, and also for allowing us idiots here to be your test pilots, My only gripe about the current version of this mod is that the RC doesn't seem to extend the blast radius below the car, I dropped out of a couple of windows and over rocks tonight just as the car exploded but the players below me survived, Other than that, it's awesome, Well done brother
  10. Ph4nt0m

    Spot on Heff
  11. Ph4nt0m

    Terms and conditions of registration to this site state that you cannot "Legally" register on this site under US law if you are below the age of 18, Must be an Illegal user then .............................. Welcome to the forums Chilado, you are going to read/see things here that are of an adult nature so if that offends you, tough shit because you should have read the terms of use
  12. Ph4nt0m

    Ok, Heres one
  13. Ph4nt0m

    Easy, Palerider -
  14. Ph4nt0m

    Oh i'm all over this topic, I love movies All on you shooter, post a movie picture
  15. Cod4 Chicago and ace mod are doing the same for me, seems like a general inter.et problem, not related to the servers
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