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  1. I'm having same error message and I bought the game?
  2. I haven't spent any money on it neither have my friends and we win a lot. They probably have full metal jacket perk on it which does more damage you can unlock it a day or 2 just do shoot house. You get get all the perks for weapons that battle pass offers. My friend and me won 3 matchs on plunder today and we haven't spend shit. You can power level on shoothouse and shipment with shotguns.
  3. noskillnoob

    1 cuz I'm a noob
  4. I was informed that you would need almost all the dlc so I won't be able to do it.
  5. who wants free copies of arma 2 and operation arrowhead? First come first served can't guarantee enough for everyone. We just opened a server on it.
  6. noskillnoob

    if you wanna go even cheaper https://marketplace.tf/ buy 5 tf2 keys and resell and it will be even cheaper.
  7. noskillnoob

    It depends when in the night I used to work the night shift. Lightning, Timmah, and Phoenix 911 are the ones I usually played with at night.
  8. noskillnoob

    Yes please. Let it show the world my great noobiness and inspire everyone else to be noobs like me.
  9. noskillnoob This is a server that my friend host. That I play with some people from other games I play, Feel free to join ^^
  10. noskillnoob

    this should be posted for all the comments timmah
  11. noskillnoob

    heart of iron and forts and civ vi please
  12. noskillnoob

    not another ruso 😮 welcome
  13. noskillnoob

  14. noskillnoob

    Welcome. It was a pleasure to knife you XD stop owning us plz thanks XD
  15. noskillnoob

    insurgency anyone want free keys for it. Will take some times to get some; just wanna see how many I will need first come first served.
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