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  1. Xbox game pass is in beta for pc it has some really good games like the outerworlds, vampyr, sea of thieves, I just got a 3month pass for 2 tf2 keys trading. You can also play $1 for 1 month trial then it's $5. CSGO key are no longer available to buy to sell on the steam market. You can still buy them from csgo but you won't be able to trade them. so if you have some hold on to them the prices are going way up on them. the base on is selling for $25 now.
  2. noskillnoob

    I'd be down for that
  3. noskillnoob

    Whats your internet sleep
  4. noskillnoob

    It's working now you might have to update gpu
  5. noskillnoob

    https://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/109860 Go to this and go to g10 series and follow the prompts your windows version should be standard > then download the most uptodate one then run it and it should auto update after wards
  6. noskillnoob

    Humblebundle.com I get 10-20% off for my monthly membership
  7. this weekend that is all I will be doing I look forward to killing you all
  8. noskillnoob

    Amazing game
  9. noskillnoob

    Fellow noob you have to either downgrade to 1.7 or add favorite by ip!
  10. noskillnoob

    eh still lots of fun. some of the kill streaks are hard to get used to
  11. noskillnoob

    battle net noskillnoob#11565 Activision kingofthenoobs#4500812
  12. I have changed my name from Rusothenoob to noskillnoob,this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated.
  13. noskillnoob

    I was the first xi to put noob in their name they all just copying me ?
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