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  1. noskillnoob

    It was on latest. I didn't mean offense meant like 10 x server is more fast paced being easier to kill people it harder to teach someone if they keep getting blown up I forgot they removed the other server. I was tried when I wrote that probably should of phrased shit better i'm not the best at writing write I'm going on disablity cuz to sick to work so I leave words out and shit.
  2. noskillnoob

    ^^ they will teach you and give free shit XD mental and ghost don't so much cuz that sever is meant for fighting XD it'd be hard to teach you on that server
  3. noskillnoob

  4. noskillnoob

    have you tried uninstall/reinstalling or updating?
  5. I'm having same error message and I bought the game?
  6. I haven't spent any money on it neither have my friends and we win a lot. They probably have full metal jacket perk on it which does more damage you can unlock it a day or 2 just do shoot house. You get get all the perks for weapons that battle pass offers. My friend and me won 3 matchs on plunder today and we haven't spend shit. You can power level on shoothouse and shipment with shotguns.
  7. noskillnoob

    1 cuz I'm a noob
  8. I was informed that you would need almost all the dlc so I won't be able to do it.
  9. who wants free copies of arma 2 and operation arrowhead? First come first served can't guarantee enough for everyone. We just opened a server on it.
  10. noskillnoob

    if you wanna go even cheaper https://marketplace.tf/ buy 5 tf2 keys and resell and it will be even cheaper.
  11. noskillnoob

    It depends when in the night I used to work the night shift. Lightning, Timmah, and Phoenix 911 are the ones I usually played with at night.
  12. noskillnoob

    Yes please. Let it show the world my great noobiness and inspire everyone else to be noobs like me.
  13. noskillnoob This is a server that my friend host. That I play with some people from other games I play, Feel free to join ^^
  14. noskillnoob

    this should be posted for all the comments timmah
  15. noskillnoob

    heart of iron and forts and civ vi please



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