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  1. rusothenoob

    Add me on steam ruso44thenoob I think. It'll be like 20 mill probably I donk 3 bill away going all in
  2. rusothenoob

    Add me on steam ruso44thenoob I think
  3. rusothenoob

    anyone want 50-100 mill pokerchips
  4. rusothenoob

    Garry's mod XD
  5. rusothenoob

  6. rusothenoob

    Which games XD, I used to have 10 facebooks accounts for 1 game XD
  7. rusothenoob

    where do you find this shit XD
  8. rusothenoob

    lol wtf XD
  9. rusothenoob

    for sending midget porn :*
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  11. I would like to host a ftg tournament of sorts, 1 match of ftg with: 1 round of crouched knifing, 1 round of prone knifing only, 1 round of bolt action sniper rifles no scope, 1 round of shottys, and 1 round of pistols only, tie breaker round: noobs tubes and knifes. prizes: winning team can choose from these games some may be region locked if they are I'll give you another , noobiest player gets a humble bundle monthly pack for October. In the link below you can see the list there is over 100 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JK5Bpno5vsnV381O6rB7aQT0_pUPPm3YpQMT5Zmx-O0/edit# Please reply if interested
  12. rusothenoob

    Thank you for the birthday wishes
  13. rusothenoob

    I'm a noob I don't know better
  14. rusothenoob

    Thank you Dadda.