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  1. J3st3rXI

    OINK OINK lol
  2. Overloaded the P4 3.06ghz CPU eh? Time to upgrade to a Core 2 Duo.
  3. Fuck that trace route shit the lazy bastards. They are to LAZY to try and figure out there own damn problems. That's completely unprofessional. Nothing new from NFOServers. Great idea with the PingPlotter. You can basically record the damn thing while you game.
  4. J3st3rXI

    Windows 10 October 2018 Update version 1809/17763.107 To avoid this bullshit from ever happening again in the future? Change your Branch Readiness Level From the default (Semi-Annual-Channel-TARGETED) to (Semi-Annual-Channel) Keeping the Default (Semi-Annual-Channel-Targeted) is basically telling Microsoft that you agree to BETA TEST the latest updates. If set to (Semi-Annual-Channel) the updates that you get will be fully tested and ready for Widespread use.
  5. COD4 is lagging like shit to. Seems to happen most in the evenings and early morning. Hashtag this shit and pass it on lol. #NukeNFOServers
  6. J3st3rXI

    I think most of it landed in my damn driveway. Weather channel said 6-8 inches but we got 15 inches of heavy wet crap. You Dawg Gone Canadians need to keep that stuff up there. @Sally you can come over and give me a hand shoveling my driveway out. I got hot chocolate with mini marshmallows???
  7. J3st3rXI

    Gentle Break in? Ya that's not going to happen Pull them britches down and Bend over Crimmy we're coming for ya. lol
  8. Oi you look awesome in Pink. 😍

    1. AussieGirl


      Yea i see! been such a long time since i changed colours and binds need to remember how lol

  9. J3st3rXI

    Usually the generic Trojans just hang out in the temp folder or the browsers cache. Occasionally they infect the registry. Those can be a pain in the ass to remove if you don't know what processes to kill before attempting to remove them. You have to watch downloading any videos or pictures off of Facebook. It's not quite as bad as it used to be but still. I've had to format many many computers because of that shit. People will intentionally "inject" a .gif or .jpeg or mp4 or even an mp3 full of junkware,maleware,spyware,trojans,hyjackers,ransomware and the occasional key logger.
  10. J3st3rXI

    Oi Oi I think your 1st job should be to Ban Cracks ass.
  11. J3st3rXI

    Awe man.
  12. J3st3rXI

    Give us any name or names that they used. That should be enough. Not TargetAnt was it? PM me please.
  13. J3st3rXI

    Awe you Suck @iboomboom Wife banned you from COD4 eh? Don't forget about us fucker.