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  1. Server restarted 7:50am est
  2. Wonder if he inhaled? Bill Clinton says he didn't. What a Konte Likker lol
  3. Please Settle down people. This happens every once and a great while. If you haven't noticed he is wearing an enemy uniform. Neither side can kill him. There are a ton of videos on youtube that show this happening. It's Not a Hack. For some reason when he loaded in, the game put him on 1 team and loaded up the character model from the other team. It's pretty rare but it does happen occasionally. Example here is 1. CAUTION! Mute your speakers this video is very very Loud! This is just speculation and 2 cents below. I'm willing to bet that the Server Host is to blame for this fuck up. I'm guessing that it this instance has something to do with the problems we have been having with our current server host for the past month. The servers have had random connection issues and serious problems with Custom Map and Mod compatibility in the last month which we haven't had before. Alot of the maps that worked fine for years are now randomly crashing the server and making it restart. Somehow files are randomly getting corrupt. Lots of funky shit like this is bound to happen until NFO servers get there heads out of there asses and figure out wtf is going on. Willing to bet the Server Host is to blame for this fuck up to.
  4. Welcome Home. !fu drimp lol
  5. Ouch! TV refresh rates are absolutely horrible on TVs unless you spend some serious $$$$ for a good ISP or OLED TV and even then it will have a slightly higher refresh rate between 5ms-16ms. Most flat panel TVs have a ridiculously high refresh rate especially in 4k. Example: a decent gaming monitor will have a refresh rate of 1ms to 5ms for 720-1080p and 10-16ms+ in 4k. Most Flat panel TVs normally have around 30-40ms+ refresh rate (also known as input lag).
  6. @Mule https://www.teamspeak.com/en/teamspeak3 Server ip and password are. Address: ts.xtremeidiots.com:9182 Password: crappy
  7. Me please? Do you have an Arma 3 key? My Steam id is bevis226
  8. That's fucking ridicules. Just read that one of the largest BITCOIN farms is in China with eight warehouses containing 25,000 processing machines each. It's getting so bad that it's degrading the Power Grids World Wide and they expect it to be 20x worse by 2020. Figures Bitcoin was invented in China. Sounds like a fucking Hostile Economical World takeover if you ask me. And all the government has to do is ban generated crypo currency and we're back to normal but at war with China. What happens WHEN someone figures out how to hack the damn thing?
  9. Errr jacking up the price more won't stop them @Angelz It's not the poor or mid class people like us that's buying up all of the good cards. It's the Allready Rich that can afford shit like this. It's LARGE scale Bitcoin farms around the world that impacts video card prices. Each small forum factor Micro ATX motherboard with atleast 1 16x PCIe slot can have a daisy chain of 16 riser cards or more hooked to 1 PCIe 16x slot. Here take a look at this small Bitcoin farm. 42 shelves on 1 side with 6 PCs per shelf 4x video cards per PC. 1,008 high end video cards on 1 side of this double sided rack system and there are several racks like this in this particular warehouse. This is a Small bitcoin farm compared to some that I've read about. 1 normal home owner PC with 6-8 really good cards will pay for it's self in Bitcoin in around 10 years. None of use Can afford $504,000 for the video cards in the picture and another $504,000 on the other side and 2 more full rack systems in this small warehouse can they? If so PM me ASAP You need to Stop being greedy give to the needy. I'm in the need lol.
  10. Pssst!




    In a couple minutes lol

  11. If ALL retailers would put a fucking 10 card or less Limit on how many cards people could purchase it would pretty much kill Bitcoin farmers. I think at this point this should be a mandatory requirement set by the manufacturers. Good news is If you want to upgrade your Motherboard and CPU they are actually quite a bit cheaper now. Thinking about picking up a intel i7 7700k. I've seen them as cheap as $350 (used) which is pretty damn cheap for one of the best gaming CPUs that money can buy.
  12. That card is out of stock. It's one of the ones Bitcoin farmers use because of the 8gb memory VS the stock 4gb cards. Accually it's hard to find the 4gb cards now for under $350. The RX 580 8gb cards are becoming extinct as we speak. Newegg only has a couple left and the rest are out of stock. This is a decent card if you can afford $280. RX 570 is almost 2x more powerful than the GTX 1050 ti by all of the benchmarks I looked at. If you want 1 you better hurry before the fucking bitcoin freaks buy them all up to. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814126189