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  1. hahaha And I give you this KAPOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWYdZ2pitmQ
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  9. Most video card problems that I have ever had was caused by 1 or more of these 3 problems. Rarely have I had a video card go bad and not had some sort of Artifacting or screen tearing long before the driver crashes. #1 is Bad memory Memory can be damn hard to diagnose because 99% of the consumer memory diagnostic software out there does not test video addresses. #2 cheap ass power supply A power supply might be rated at 1,000 watt but most of the cheap power supplies have multiple (4 or more) Low Power 10-16 amp Rails. You need a GOOD power supply with 1 or 2 35amp+ power rails. Especially for AMD hardware because they tend to use a bit more juice then Intel or Nvidia. #3 heat from excessive dirt buildup or a dead fan or a constricted computer case. My Dell XPS 420 (intel core 2 quad Q6600 4 gig ddr2 240gb ssd and 2tb 64mb cache WD black) that I have loaded up with Win 10 is my Media center PC. It has a cheap Nvidia GTX 550ti card in it but I had to upgrade the power supply. The original 350 watt stock power supply lasted a whole week before it popped. The power supply that I have in it now was in my main PC for about 2 months with a R9 290X (cheap Thermaltake TR2 850 watt POS) It started locking up after about 10 minutes of gaming. Works fine with a little GTX550ti but not a power hungry R9 290X and overclocked AMD FX 8350. Now the Dell is having issues with memory again. The screen freezes and the audio loops while watching movies. I have it loaded up with Kodi 17.6 and No Limits Magic plugin pack (which is the biggest and most plugin loaded free build out there) I Have to pull the plug or switch off the power supply when it happens. If I pull 2 of the 4 memory sticks it works fine but it's slower then hell because (windows 10 doesn't run well with less than 4gb) To view your crash logs in Win 10, type in Event Viewer in the start menu. Navigate to Windows Logs > Application, and then find the latest event with “Error” in the Level column and “Application Error” in the Source column. That will tell you what crashed. 80% of all video card driver related crashes are usually caused by a bad stick of memory, cheap ass power supply, Overheating, corrupt driver, OR improperly seated CPU, faulty motherboard, and faulty CPU. Because the PCs memory controller is on the CPU now a days instead of having it integrated into the motherboards chipset it can be a little harder to diagnose memory related issues. You can try to uninstall your video card driver and do a clean driver install but I seriously doubt that it will help. This tool will completely uninstall and clean all the crap that's left over. Make sure that you go download the newest driver for your video card 1st. Then unhook your PC from the internet (so windows update does not install a driver automatically when you restart) and run the uninstall and cleanup tool. Reboot and install your freshly downloaded driver. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  10. Anything that claims to work indoors and get that many Digital channels is complete bull shit unless you live somewhere that's surrounded with digital TV towers. The Walls of a house will block most of your usable TV signals let alone any hills or mountains in your area. Read some reviews and it seems to be good for up to 50 miles. Not very impressive when you can get a cheap $30 outdoor HDTV antenna that will have a 150+ mile range. You can get the same indoor antenna shipped directly from CHINA on Ebay for $1.99 + shipping and the booster for another $1.99 + shipping. lol Here check this one out. It's $32 shipped and they sold a butt load of them. I <3 Ebay lol. https://www.ebay.com/itm/150MILES-OUTDOOR-TV-ANTENNA-MOTORIZED-AMPLIFIED-HDTV-HIGH-GAIN-36dB-UHF-VHF/110940583801?epid=580023363&hash=item19d492f779:g:GvQAAOSwxxdZaw8r
  11. I take it you have never ridden in or driven in a long nosed square grill truck like that big Peterbilt. Looks like a Peterbilt 389. I have with my uncle and my buddy all over the east coast. Sun hits the hood and glares back at ya and you get hit rite in the face from the top of the big windshield. Just the brightness from snow can cause problems. Inexperience had a role in it to but it wasn't the cause. Here have a watch. The sun is not bright at all in this video but look at the glare you get on the windshield. And what little sun that was hitting this truck was hitting the passenger side door. And this truck has a large visor on the top of the cab that hangs over the windshield. It gets alot worse in direct sunlight. At times the whole road disappears.
  12. That really sucks. But they should not blame the truck driver. It wasn't either drivers fault. If you look at where it happened and where the sun was at the time and everything it's easy to see why it happened. If the Sun was in the truck drivers eyes he HAD to be going west and it happened Friday evening so the sun would of been in the W/SW. And a bunch of thick trees to the left of the truck and right of the bus coming up to the intersection so neither one of them could possibly know there was traffic coming the other way untill it was to late. google maps link to the crash site https://www.google.com/maps/@53.1031634,-104.0265512,3a,75y,358.49h,76.07t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4IjsSsjKDZNR69GawsWfTQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en Made a generic map overlay. It explains alot. Just a really bad spot at that time of the day and with the blinding light of the sun hitting the snow it would be impossible for for anyone to see a little stop sign in time. And with those trees well you get the picture.
  13. Update: We just got back from picking him up. He's back home. Very sore and grumpy. They installed his pace maker yesterday morning. He has a crap pile of doctors appointments that he has to go to over the next 4-6 weeks for therapy and checkups but he's walking around ok. Understandably Slow but ok.