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  1. Swedish,Japanese American. His Mother and Dad divorced and both remarried. His Mom is remarried to a Mexican American and his dad is remarried to an Argentine woman. What a Mixed family lol. Is Doctor Who still airing? I haven't watched it in years.
  2. That's kinda funny because NCIX went Bankrupt last December. They had a 2 day long Public Auction March 7th-8th and everything was sold including the storage racks. Linus from Linus Media group (Linus Tech Tips on Youtube) used to work for them and went to the auctions.
  3. I'm game, when does the man hunt begin? Track the fuckers down and Publicly Draw and Quarter there asses in the town square. Bet that shit would stop REALLY quick. The whole social media thing should be globally banned. And I'm dead serious about that. Wars have been started and fought over for less.
  4. Hope you all stay safe. Hope to hell they breaks up fast. We're damn near swimming in our back yard. We definitely do NOT need any more rain. The creek below the house flooded out really bad. It's normally 10-15 foot wide and the creek is supposed to be down on the other side of the woods. It has to be a good 175-200 foot wide now. That's from 48 hours of non stop rain on top of the allready water logged ground. This weather is ridicules. We haven't had a rain free week since the end of July.
  5. lol I had no problem getting kills. I averaged between 25-35 kills and 8-15 deaths. Some guns suck and some guns are OP. BTW C4 ing a fully loaded tank is very satisfying. lol
  6. Do NOT update Realtek AMD drivers from Realteks site. Alot of there Windows 7,8 and 8.1 drivers are not WHQL signed. Windows does not play nice with un-signed drivers. This driver will work on MOST AMD 970 boards with Realtek audio. Not all 970 boards. The PC that I have hooked to my TV has a Asus M5A97 EVO. I just updated it's Realtek audio driver the other day. Realtek is the newest one that works with the AMD 970 chipset motherboards. This is the Official WHQL signed release. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b67lfmdcql3yfch/8522_FF00_PG468_Win10_RS1_RS2_RS3_RS4_Win7_WHQL.zip Or Pick your motherboard from this list of 4 at the manufacturers site. https://us.msi.com/search/MS-7693/product/1 All 4 are MS-7693 boards But the MSI 970 Gaming uses a different set of drivers than the other 3. Select your motherboard, then click "Support", then click "Driver", Select "Win7 64" then click "Onboard Audio Drivers" and download the latest driver.
  7. Welcome back Overspill JR
  8. Atleast it will be out of your way and it will give the kids something to work on.
  9. Oh ok. Didn't think it was random rotation. So mp_pheasantrun is causing the server to restart?
  10. It's wasn't random last time I checked unless it was just changed within the last 2 days. "sv_mapRotation" is: "gametype ftag map mp_arkona gametype ftag map mp_kabul_moh gametype ftag map mp_sps_bismarck gametype ftag map mp_nova_crvenka gametype ftag map mp_kk_arena2 gametype ftag map mp_karachi gametype ftag map mp_pheasantrun gametype ftag map mp_bog gametype ftag map mp_fabrika gametype ftag map mp_oldschool gametype ftag map mp_sbase gametype ftag map mp_naout_n gametype ftag map mp_noobville gametype ftag map mp_forlorn gametype ftag map mp_d_day_74_night gametype ftag map mp_arbor gametype ftag map mp_vacant gametype ftag map mp_atp^7" default: "^7" Nope looks normal to me.
  11. Get whatever you think someone would pay for it. I've seen those old blowers selling for $75-$150 for parts or repair and up to $300. I seriously doubt the $300 ones ever sold. I think this is the one that's been on our local Craigslist since last year. I was looking for one for auger parts for my old one and stumbled across it. https://york.craigslist.org/for/d/ariens-snow-blower/6668860398.html This one is supposed to run and work good. $175 https://york.craigslist.org/grd/d/ariens-snow-blowe-5hp/6682915432.html I did actually find most of the parts for your model blower but I would treat yourself to a new one. Especially if what the farmers almanac says is coming. It's usually pretty accurate temperature wise but snow accumulation is hit and miss. Technically you could fix it with 2 new belts and a new friction disk for the drive, a tube in the tire and I can get you part #s for a new governor linkage and carburetor Or throw a cheap $100 6.5hp harbor freight engine on and use it for a few more years. I buy alot of hard to find parts off of this site. Here is parts for your Ariens blower. No Engine parts available but I can get them. https://www.jackssmallengines.com/jacks-parts-lookup/manufacturer/ariens/sno-thros-and-brushes/22-000-series-sno-thro/922008-008501-st524-5hp-tec-20-blower/snow-scoop-parts
  12. A blower will chop up the snow and scatter it out. With Plowing you need to have some place to put it that's out of the way. Melting snow With a flame thrower? lmao It would cost you an absolute fortune. Snow will melt on the surface and immediately turn into ice. Warm or hot water flash freezes very very fast. Throw a pan of boiling water up in the air when the outside temps get below 32F or 0C and see what happens. It's called the Mpemba effect. Diesel Electric snow melters are the newest thing for dealing with lots of snow quickly in places that there are limited dump sites. But I read that they use approximately 40-65 gallon of Diesel fuel per hour to use and they can melt 30+ ton of snow per hour. They use a large diesel engine hooked to a large generator and a large heating element to melt the snow.
  13. That's about what we end up with to @WeednFeed. Some places more, some places a little less. Just up the road It drifts horribly bad. 12ft+ drifts. Here at the house we normally get between 23-36 inches. The township uses an old snow cat to clear the drifts. It's been around 15 years but we have had 4+ foot. We get a bunch that blows down from lake Erie and from up out of the Baltimore/DC area that smacks us head on. We're up the southern side of the tallest mountain range between Lake Erie and Baltimore Maryland, 20 minutes due east of Flight 93 crash site Memorial. She crashed rite above us near Indian Lake.
  14. Your severely limited with a 5hp blower. The little Craftsman 5/22 that I just sold has a 5hp engine on it and it does OK as long as you don't need to blow any snow over 8-10" deep. It really bogs down if it's wet snow. A 5hp blower is Good for Suburban Sidewalks and small driveways. I bought a used MTD built Cub Cadet 8hp 28" blower a couple of years ago and it's a whole different animal. It doesn't care if I blow 1 foot or a 5 foot drift. They no longer list the actual Horsepower. Your stuck with Torque or engine CCs. Here is a CC to HP calculator. This is fairly accurate but may be slightly lower or higher depending on the cylinder bore, stroke and compression ratio of the engine. http://www3.telus.net/findNchoose/engine_cc_to_hp_calculator.html 272cc is between 8hp and 8.36hp This is the best blower that Home Depot has for under $1000 28" and 8-8.36hp https://www.homedepot.com/p/Cub-Cadet-28-in-272cc-Two-Stage-Electric-Start-Gas-Snow-Blower-with-Power-Steering-and-Steel-Chute-2X-28-HP/305948963 This one is just slightly over $1000 but 30" and approximately 11hp it's the best one that you can get for the money from Home Depot or Lowes. Both Big Box Stores carry these blowers. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Cub-Cadet-30-in-357cc-Two-Stage-Electric-Start-Gas-Snow-Blower-with-Power-Steering-and-Steel-Chute-2X-30-HP/305948980 I would recommend one of the Ariens or Honda blowers but the decent ones with an 8hp or greater engine are $1399+ You can get Cub Cadet blower parts pretty much anywhere. Toro your going to have to find a dealer or some place that sells aftermarket Chinese parts. Genuine Toro parts are expensive. A cogged drive wheel for your Toro Personal Pace mower will run you $37 each for an OEM wheel or $18-$22 for an aftermarket made in China replacement that you will be lucky to get 2 seasons out of. Ariens blowers are very reliable but parts can be hard to find after a couple of years. Auger gear boxes are damned near impossible to find for any of the 2-4+year old Ariens blowers. Trust me I have an older Ariens with a torn up Auger box sitting up behind my shop. I am a small engine mechanic. I've been working on, repairing and rebuilding small engine junk since I was old enough to turn a wrench. If you want a good review of anything, just ask a mechanic that works on them. Honda blowers are expensive and there parts are expensive but they are the most reliable blower that you can get IF you get there Mid to high end product. Sorry I won't ever ask a dealer or a salesman about a product that they have absolutely no experience with.